Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Inquiring Minds...

So, my two loyal readers, you're all dieing in anticipation to know what happened on the Vegas trip, right?

Well, the answer is...nothing much. No drunken debauchery. No wasted granny stories. No huge jackpots.

Yup. Pretty tame as far as Vegas vacations go. We saw a show, did some outlet mall shopping, ate some food, spent time with the fam, sat by the pool, wandered the strip like other tourists. Overall, it was exactly as I expected.

Other than that, I also met a Laurier grad on the plane, had a realization that leaping and getting people to take pics runs in the family, met a 37 year old grandpa (true story) and watched the fashion disaster of 2009 happen before our eyes: a lanky European man try on a pair of skin tight, yellow and black plaid pants... and have the two woman he was with give him the thumbs up of approval! Ahhhhh!!!!

The only other noteworthy thing was a trip to "Dicks," a strange restaurant where the staff is supposed to be obnoxious, treat you like shit and make you wear stupid hats with offensive things on them. After having our cutlery thrown on our table and my mom and I called "hookers," I had to wear a hat that said "Free Hand Jobs" on it. Things got particularly wild when my Dad decided he'd start drinking out of the pitcher. An interesting establishment for lunch with my parents! I could really see things going awry if you didn't know what you were in for. As for us, well my quick-witted mother any I can dish it right back at 'em, so we had a blast :) And surprisingly, my generally conservative father also seemed to enjoy himself. Must have been the pitcher.


Carly said...

A 37 year old grandpa?!?!?!?!?!?!

MM said...

Yeah.... if that was his pickup line, he failed.

Anonymous said...

37?? Yeah that is pretty messed - like mother like daughter I guess?? :P

Did they let you keep the hat? You should wear it to the bars in TO... it would be a hit!