Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Chaos

With a sigh of relief, I fully completed all my Christmas shopping last night. I even wrapped some presents. I was feeling a slight weight lifted from my shoulders as I started thinking about lounging in my parents hot tub and drinking copious amounts of red wine.

But then, my mom suddenly decides that she'd like me to "pick up a few things in the city" before I come home. Fabulous. Out to brave the masses once again. And it's not just regular items she wants. She decides today, five days before Christmas, that she'd like a marine barometer. Whaaaaat?

Since my parents bought their boat in the summer, they've decided to join marine life in full force, buying every boating accessory they can find. Although they claim they aren't quite snotty enough yet to join the yacht club.

So my hunt for a marine barometer begins with a quick search for "marine" and "boating" in the Yellow Pages. I called a couple stores but they didn't have one. On my third attempt I reached a store in Cambridge that claimed he could have one for me by the end of the week if I talked to his receptionist. They were "moving" he said and it was noisy. So my conversation with the oh so intelligent receptionist goes like this:

Me: "Hi. I was told to give you my contact information so you could order me a marine barometer."

Receptionist: "What's a marine barometer?"

Me: "Uh... I'm not sure actually. My mom wants one for their boat."

Receptionist: "Oh, is it like a regualar barometer?"

Me: "I really don't know." (Shouldn't YOU know? You're the marine store!)

She takes my contact info, spelling my name MEranda. I don't bother correcting her. She has no idea how much this item costs nor when it might be in. The conversation continues as such:

Me: "Okay, so where is your store located?"

Receptionist: "I'm not sure exactly. In Cambridge I think."

Me: "Uh... can you give me directions?"

Receptionist: "I'll have someone call you back." (Seriously, how does this woman not know where she works??)

Me: "Alright. So I want to come pick it up on Saturday morning. Are you open on Saturdays?"

Receptionist: "Uh... I'm actually not sure."

Me: "Right." (At this point, I'm seriously contemplating hanging up but the receptionist beats me to the punch)

Receptionist: "Thanks a lot for calling. Buh-bye!"

Seriously, wtf. Some help she was.

I wouldn't get your hopes up for a barometer under the tree this year.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I've apparently become entirely delinquent at updating this blog. I think it's because the only things I've been thinking about lately are angst-ridden uncertainty and anxiety about my future. However, I think things have figured themselves out and I can probably chill.

I got a new job. My dream job in fact. Perhaps not with my dream company but it's the job. An investment in "the future Miranda" as Graham says. I am the new Media Relations Specialist for Nortel and aside from the 45% pay increase, I'm totally thrilled to be heading to Toronto and starting my REAL career. It is refreshing to know I'll have a career, not just some job I work at for the pay cheque. Money only sustains you for so long.

I also found an apartment AND a roommate which is exciting :) It'll be strange to go from a two bedroom apartment all my own to one room in a place that isn't mine at all...but it will be a nice change. I'm looking forward to moving. I'm looking forward to purging all my old stuff and clutter and starting over somewhere new.

I've been looking back over 2006 and thinking smugly about how fabulous it was. I knew on New Year's Eve 2005 that '06 was gonna be a great year. I said it over and over... I remember. I was like my new years mantra. And I'm not sure if it was merely the power of suggestion, but 2006 was pretty much the best year of my life.

With all the change coming up in early 2007, I'm excited to see what the new year has in store for me. I'm no longer dreading it.

Bring it on :)