Saturday, January 31, 2009

Women: Wired for Marketing

I have been out networking like crazy in an attempt to better my work situation and I've discovered something interesting. So far, I have met:

- Four Cheif Marketing Officers from large Toronto law firms
- Three Senior VPs from local PR Agencies
- One Director of Communications for an Accounting firm
- One Corporate Communications Manager for a Pension Fund

What do they all have in common? They're ALL women. All nine of them.

Evidence from this recent article in the Top Tech News seems to agree. Apparently, women's brains make them better marketers.

So here's what happens. Every baby starts off with a woman's brain - according to this article. Then, in the case of boys, a surge of of fetal testosterone takes over the communication part of the brain. Meanwhile, the girl brain goes along developing which results in drastically different brain makeup from the boy. This is why, even from an early age, girls display greater sensitivity and far greater ability to understand others than boys. The article then goes on to explain then how this accounts for the fact that women make better marketers than men - we are genetically wired to be better at it.

Looks like I picked the right career!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

No Excuse

I have been the worst kind of blogger there is. As I get more and more into the social media space with my job, I realize how much my absence on this blog has hurt it. I've killed it. Any readers I once had, have now likely jumped ship, on to bigger and better blogs with daily insights and witty commentary, complete with hundreds of readers and comments.

Sigh. I will get back into this. Perhaps as I embark on my next opportunity. I can have an official launch party for the new blog.

New name suggestions welcome.

Stay tuned.