Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Long Winter's Nap

I feel as if I need a long winter's nap. I often think about animals that hibernate with a twinge of jealousy. Wouldn't that be nice? To wake up one day and go, "Oh! It's getting a little cold, better go to sleep." The next thing you know, you wake up and it's Springtime.

I've been neglecting life lately due to a seemingly unmanageable amount of tasks to accomplish. On top of a demanding job, the regular stress of Christmas obligations seems to have snuck up on me again. I'm trying hard to feel cheerful and Christmas-y but failing miserably.

I have a cold. Not a huge deal, but it seems that whenever I get sick and try to remain active, I lose my voice. Talk about a cruel punishment for someone who loves to talk and socialize. It goes quickly and takes weeks to come back fully. I'm left with this raspy, smokers voice for days and days. I hate answering the phone or talking to anyone new when I'm like this.

I also just had pink eye. As if the ugliness of this isn't enough, I had just gotten over it and then, absent-mindedly used an old eyeliner on Wednesday morning and gave it to myself all over again. Terrific.

I voluntarily gave up going to two very fun events this weekend just because I felt so rotten and anyone that knows me knows that I very rarely let illness stand in my way of fun.

I keep repeating the word "vacation" over and over again like a mantra. It is so needed. I need to recharge. My batteries are totally dead.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Inquiring Minds...

So, my two loyal readers, you're all dieing in anticipation to know what happened on the Vegas trip, right?

Well, the answer is...nothing much. No drunken debauchery. No wasted granny stories. No huge jackpots.

Yup. Pretty tame as far as Vegas vacations go. We saw a show, did some outlet mall shopping, ate some food, spent time with the fam, sat by the pool, wandered the strip like other tourists. Overall, it was exactly as I expected.

Other than that, I also met a Laurier grad on the plane, had a realization that leaping and getting people to take pics runs in the family, met a 37 year old grandpa (true story) and watched the fashion disaster of 2009 happen before our eyes: a lanky European man try on a pair of skin tight, yellow and black plaid pants... and have the two woman he was with give him the thumbs up of approval! Ahhhhh!!!!

The only other noteworthy thing was a trip to "Dicks," a strange restaurant where the staff is supposed to be obnoxious, treat you like shit and make you wear stupid hats with offensive things on them. After having our cutlery thrown on our table and my mom and I called "hookers," I had to wear a hat that said "Free Hand Jobs" on it. Things got particularly wild when my Dad decided he'd start drinking out of the pitcher. An interesting establishment for lunch with my parents! I could really see things going awry if you didn't know what you were in for. As for us, well my quick-witted mother any I can dish it right back at 'em, so we had a blast :) And surprisingly, my generally conservative father also seemed to enjoy himself. Must have been the pitcher.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

So I'm off to Vegas tomorrow. You might think, "Wow, cool!" But then I'd tell you, "Yes, Vegas tomorrow...but its for my grandmothers 75th bday."

You may think my grandma is the coolest granny in history. Drinking, gambling, shopping, scandal! What more could grandma want on her 75th? However, I am not really predicting this to be a wild time.

Sadly, the part of my family in my demographic is not able to attend so its me and the oldies/my parents/aunts/uncles, or me and my little cousins (oldest is 15). Maybe I can be that cool older cousin that sneaks him beer... :)

We don't really have anything booked. I have no real plans. I have no idea what to expect. The only think I'm looking forward to is the outlet malls and cheap designer clothes and accessories.

So I know there'll be lots of inquiring minds wondering how exactly my grandma's 75th bday in Vegas actually turned out. Will she win the jackpot? Will we just eat food and go to bed at 9:00 pm, or will granny get drunk and rock the dance floor? Who knows...

So, I'll report back. With pictures. When you travel with your fam, what happens in Vegas, doesn't necessarily have to stay there.

Till Tuesday....

Friday, October 30, 2009


Anyone who knows me, knows that I love Halloween. I plan my costume months in advance and put a lot of effort into it.

This year is no exception. I am going to be Prom Queen 1983 in honour of the year of my birth. I have a selection of dresses perfect for a Halloween that happens to fall on a Saturday so that I can wear something different both Friday AND Saturday night. There could even be a mid-evening costume change incorporated.

I've said that I love Halloween more than Christmas. And that's not just something I say for dramatic emphasis. I think its actually a true statement. Halloween is just about fun. Pure, silly fun. There's no pressure or obligation to please family or to find perfect gifts. No baking involved; just grab a bag of candy. If you're resourceful (or happen to own a garbage bag full of vintage dresses like me!), you don't have to spend much money. Yes, it is the most wonderful time of the year, isn't it?

Okay, I realize I'm in the minority here and I basically use Halloween as an excuse to wear all my random dress up clothes without being mocked mercilessly in public. However, you have to admit, it is a pretty amusing night!

And with that, I leave you with this Halloween video. Anyone else remember singing this in French class in elementary school?? Tina?? :)


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rack of Lamb...for breakfast?

Today I received the following email:

(No Subject)

Since I have breakfast at 6:30, I get ferociously hungry at 10AM. Right now all I can think about is eating a rack of lamb.



Monday, October 26, 2009

I love Pat Benatar

I realize that nothing about that title makes me cool. I don't care. I love every song she's ever recorded. She's a wicked awesome 80s rocker chick and listening to her music makes me happy. I sing along and I feel good.

I've been in a bad mood lately. Work feels stressful. I got a nasty letter from the Property Manager due to a situation I don't think I can talk my way out of. I've learned that someone has pretty much the same Halloween costume planned as I do, and I've been a mean jerk to my very nice boyfriend and that makes me feel awful.

Anyways, I determined a remedy to get out of this funk. I put on my 80s party dress. (It's part of my Halloween costume, so I'm not really THAT much of an 80s obsessed freak). Cranked my friend Pat, and rocked out to the sweet sounds of All Fired Up (An overlooked classic in my opinion), Invincible, Love is a Battlefield and Hit Me With your Best Shot... and I feel better.

Nina Blackwood, my favourite Sirius Satellite radio host from 80's on 8, once said that the reason the 80s was such a happy decade was because the music was all about rockin' out, partying, having a fun and loving each other. Listen to the 80s and you'll never be sad. None of this ridiculous death metal or emo crap. Simple, awesome rock n' roll.

Monday, October 19, 2009

If you're happy and you know it...

So I had kind of a rough day today. Something blew up at work which caused me an unnecessary amount of stress. I definitley need to work on chilling out. Not to mention it was Monday, which is never really a stellar day of the week.

Anyways, I decided I needed to let off a little steam so I booked it to a spinning class as soon as I got home. I was walking there and this random old lady was kind of in my way, trying to feed the squirrels. She was pretty cute, cooing at this black squirrel up in the tree so I smiled as I walked by. She stopped me and said that she feeds this same squirrel everyday. Making small talk, I asked how she knew it was the same one. She said he had a little white patch on his tail and that he liked peanuts. Just as I was about to go on my way, she told me to wait and started rooting around in her little wheely carriage thing. I thought she was going to hand me peanuts to try and feed this squirrel with her but she pulled out all these cute little hand-painted cards that she said she painted herself and she wanted me to have one... for good luck.

I picked a nice pink rose with blue violets and told her I picked it to match my nails (they're pink today). She seemed delighted and told me to have a wonderful life. Isn't that nice?

I felt a little happier after that happened. :)

See? Not ALL people in Toronto are cold-hearted and mean.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Recently, I won a Flip Video camera in a raffle. I was totally thrilled since I wanted one of these cameras for a long time. Ever since my last job when the department had one for use at tradeshows. Its yellow and records two hours of video.

Anyways, I had the opportunity to try out the little thing this past weekend and not only created my first video, but also.... my own YouTube channel!

It's called TheMirandaMac... since mirandamac was taken. But TheMirandaMac has a certain..."je ne sais quoi." Very authoratative and official sounding.

The site is a work in progress, as is my video editing abilities. However, I'm excited to announce a new chapter in my online activities! Check it out!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I can't understand why people watch the Bachelor or its equally horrible spin-off, the Bachelorette. During the cool-down of my spinning class last night, the instructor announced that she was racing home to watch the season finale of the Bachelorette which spawned about 15 "OH MY GOD!!! MEEEE TOOOO's" from other girls in the class. I looked around, bewildered by the fact that I might be the only 20-something female alive that doesn't watch this trite ridiculousness known as "reality TV."

But never one to be out of the loop, particularly in all things pop culture, I thought I would put on the show when I got home, passively observing it while I made dinner. At least I could talk about it with other girls if it came up in social situations.

As expected, it was awful! Why is it entertaining to watch people struggle through heartbreak? This woman apparently falls in love with two very nice, attractive men who you're lead to believe are in fact crazy in love with her, only to see her have to reject one man. Watching a grown man cry because he's just had his heartbroken is...well... heart breaking.

It wasn't entertaining. It was just sad. Even if it's all an act, it's STILL sad.

This show must only appeal to people who have had perfect relationships because for anyone who can relate to having their heart broken, it sure was depressing!

Maybe it's cathartic? I don't know. Either way, there was no way I was sitting through to the end to watch the much anticipated proposal.

Someone please let me know when they've found something worth watching on TV.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


How is that a 25 year old can spend a whole weekend feeling old? Surrounded by people, some nearly a decade my junior, I felt ancient. It's insane. I know this a completely insane thought. But I can't help it. What is particularly unnerving about this is that while these "younger people" all seem to think I'm "so much older than them," I don't really feel that much of a divide. I felt that if the topic of age had never come up, I could have been perfectly happy thinking we were all peers.

And just to add insult to injury, I log into Facebook, which admittedly is becoming a more infrequent activity these days, only to find my wall covered in albums of new babies and weddings. That's it. I know it's been said before but what happened to pictures of fun parties and travelling? When did all this get replaced by things that are so alarmingly "adult?" I feel betrayed. Like everyone grew up and left me behind. And now, I have no choice but to continue pretending or grow up with them.

Again, I realize this is completely absurd. 25 is not old.

It's just a series of unconnected events that happened close together making me feel like this.

I need to go do something ridiculously immature now to make myself feel better. Maybe I'll make a prank phone calls while eating cookies in bed. Yeeeah... I think that will do the trick.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Things that make no sense at all

- People who confidently quit very good jobs to travel the world
- Face tattoos
- Smoking
- Why I can't sing
- A label on a roast chicken salad that said, "Now with roast chicken."
- Why anyone names their child the same name as their last name.
- This video.
- Everything that Lady Gaga wears. Especially this.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blogs. Blah.

I was wondering today if the reason I have less enthusiasm for this blog is because I spend all day looking at other people's blogs.

I kind of feel like I have nothing to say.

Maybe I'll just start making stuff up. It can be Miranda's Truth or Fiction Blog: I tell the story, readers rate whether it's True or False.

Maybe I can even find some web geek to add voting buttons to my page.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Three people

Last night I was asked to name three people, living or dead, I'd like to meet and why. A cliche exercise. It's supposed to illustrate something about your personality apparently. Some people are literally unable to come up with anyone. They really struggle with this apparently. I thought for about 4 minutes and here's what I decided:

1) Jane Austen. She's a great writer. Plain and simple. One of my favourites actually. She's written some absolutley fabulous, timeless stories that have been, and will continue to be read and adored by thousands of readers. With English as my background, its no wonder I was required to read many of her novels to complete my degree. Pride and Prejudice will remain among my favourite novels forever. I'd love to talk to her about her influences, her life in the 19th century, and her thoughts on marriage, love and society.

2) Gwen Stefani. What an awesome, powerful female rocker. She's nearly 40 and she looks hotter than I ever will. She has incredible abs - even after having 2 kids - and is happily married to Gavin Rossdale. She's been with the same band since she was a teenager and her music is super cool - punk, ska, reggae-ish. I love it. I'd love to talk to her about her career and hear stories about her band's adventures. I'd also like some fitness tips.

3)Steven Meisel. He's a famous fashion photographer who's shot pretty well every top supermodel in the world. He's most noted for his amazing editorial spreads in Italian Vogue as well as being Madonna's photographer for her book Sex. I love the concepts, the design, the lighting and composition of his pictures. I'd love to sit down with him and get some pointers.

That's all. Analyze me as you see fit. :)

PS - this could change tomorrow.

Sunday, June 07, 2009


Last night, I bit off both my thumb nails. I don't know why I did it. I knew when I was doing it that I'd regret it. Up until then, I had successfully stopped biting my nails for more than 2 months.

I feel guilty. Like some sort of recovering alcoholic that's just fallen off the wagon again.

Now every time I look at my stubby little thumbs, I feel ashamed. At least it was only two nails. I still have 8 nice ones. And in the meantime, it sure is a lot easier to type on my BlackBerry.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

High Rollers

On Monday I met Joshua Jackson as part of an event at work. Based on the terms of his contract and his decent celebrity status, I expected a somewhat pretentious guy surrounded by an entourage of handlers. I pictured him walking in on a red carpet in dark sunglasses with a smirk of arrogance across his face. I pictured fancy clothes, expensive accessories, maybe even a hot girl by his side. I pictured a high strung agent pushing aside throngs of screaming, star-crazed teenage girls.

Instead, I met a nice guy. A normal guy. A guy drinking a medium Tim Horton's coffee as he began his workday. Off-screen, he just seemed like a regular person I could meet anywhere in Toronto. He was wearing a simple sweater with jeans and was funny, friendly and enthusiastic. He signed autographs and happily posed for pictures without making it seem like a huge deal at all. He was modest and unassuming.

It was not what I expected. I feel a little silly for expecting some big show. I think I forget that celebrities really are just people. I wonder if its weird for him. I wonder if he remembers what it was like to not be famous.

Either way, I now have a new appreciation for a celebrity I never really considered before. Hell, I may even try and catch a few episodes of The Fringe.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ideal Self

Today in my Toastmasters group, we did an interesting little exercise. We were told to write down three things: your favourite animal, your favourite colour and your favourite body of water. Then, we were told to write down 5 or 6 characteristics or things that each item reminded us of.

Apparently the first item - the animal - is a representation of your ideal self.

This is what I wrote:

Cat - cute, sloth-like/lazy, life of leisure, liked by people, vain, demanding and playful.

I'm not sure my ideal self is vain, lazy and demanding! If this is a glimpse into my subconscious, I'm in big trouble.

The second item - your favourite colour - was supposed to be a representation of how you want others to see you. I wrote:

Green - peaceful, cool, calm, summer, tropical.

That works. I'm happy with that. A bit of a contrast from my "ideal self." Seems as if I'm living a bit of a dual-life.

The third thing - the body of water - was supposed to represent how you act intimately. This was a weird one. I wrote:

Lake Huron - beautiful, fun, home, campfires, partying, late nights, drinking, my parents boat.

Uh.... sounds scandolous. I am really not sure how credible and accurate this personality test was!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Spontaneous Dance

I’ve always wanted to get caught up in one of those moments they often have in movies where people just spontaneously break into a dance and people just join in seeming to already know the moves like its common knowledge. A lifelong dream of mine really.

For example, remember the part near the end of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off where he co-opts that parade, and out of nowhere, people are doing an elaborate song and dance in the street?

Or, how about the ending of a random episode of The Drew Carey Show where there’s an out-of-nowhere dance battle between The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert?

And there’s this one that I stumbled upon last weekend. In that crappy movie 13 Going on 30 (only slightly redeemed due to this 80’s inspired spontaneous dance), Jennifer Garner's character needs to get a dull party going so she asks the DJ to turn on MJ’s Thriller and before you know it, the entire party is doing the Thriller dance...because people just know these things.

Or what about the end of the movie Slumdog Millionaire? That was a good one!

Recently, someone also sent me this one. It’s from Central Station in Antwerp Belgium where more than 200 dancers danced to “Do Re Mi” from The Sound of Music. Man, if I had of been there… I totally would have tried to join in.

One day, I hope to stumble upon a spontaneous dance - one that I can join in because I'll just instincively know the moves… because you know, that’s how these things happen, right? A girl can dream…

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Here are some random things I have learned about my new job this week:

- You are not allowed to view the calendar by double clicking the clock. I didn't realize how often I did this until I got a mean little message that told me I did not have the "rights" to make changes to the date and time. I don't want to make changes! I just want to SEE the calendar!

- No personalization of your computer allowed. I'm a photographer in my spare time and as a result I like to set my desktop photo to some pretty and seasonal picture I took myself. No can do sadly.

- The door. Once you swipe your badge, push IN first, then pull. I looked like a big dummy yanking on the door convinced my security badge didn't work

- Badge access at the main entry: hold, don't swipe your badge over the reader. Otherwise, you will never escape and will inevitably hold up a line of people forming behind you. Zero chance of not standing out as "the new girl" in this situation.

- Coffee in the kitchen. Nope. But you do have three places to buy your own. Looks like it's green tea for me!

- My phone was apparently previously associated with some random test account and as a result, I get about 10 calls a day from someone trying to verify something I don't understand. Hopefully these will stop soon.

Yes, the first week is all about learning - everything form my day to day responsibilities to how to open the door :) So far, so good.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Something new

I'm pretty averse to change. Even if my current situation is bad, I'm likely to hesitate about making a change. Even if I am successful in making the change, I somehow start coming up with a million reasons why the previous situation wasn't that bad. It's truly ridiculous behaviour. Very counter-productive. I think its because I'm a Libra. I'm too easily able to weigh pros and cons of situations which is great for being able to sympathize with people and see things from a variety of perspectives, but its crappy for making decisions.

Anyways, I made a change recently: I'll be starting a new job tomorrow and I'm pretty excited. Although saying goodbye to the old job was actually a lot harder than I anticipated, I'm ready for a new challenge. I'm excited about new coworkers, new work and a new atmosphere.

After returning from a last minute, sun-drenched trip to the sunny south, I'm ready for the change. Tanned, relaxed, de-stressed. The #1 reason I know I've totally relaxed: I stopped biting my nails. I didn't really mean to. It just happened. I have tried countless times in the past to stop. I've been biting my nails for more than two decades and all of sudden, I just stopped. I've always attributed my nail biting to stress so I'm taking this sudden change of behaviour as pure, undeniable evidence that I am de-stressed.

Yup. I'm ready for change. Bring it on.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Music: The shorthand of emotion

When was the last time music gave you goosebumps? Me? Sunday afternoon. I went to see my friend Heather in her debut performance with a jazz and blues band called the Royal Jelly Orchestra. Heather was absolutley incredible. Her voice is so soulful and effortless and her stage presence is fabulous. Absolute joy to listen to.

Couple that with some of the most talented, mind blowingly awesome musicians I have ever seen and my afternoon was complete. Absolutley tremendous sax players, a trumpet player who's amazing performance couldn't help but put a smile on your face and a pianist that rivalled any piano playing I have ever seen. One woman sang Bridge Over Troubled Water with a bass player as her only accompaniment. It was deeply moving. Her voice filled the playhouse and literally gave me goosebumps. She didn't even need a microphone.

I left smiling with this feeling of pride for my friend and for all the other people I know who are so musically talented. I love being a part of their shows, even if it is just as an adoring fan. I am just so entertained by musical talent and live performance.

Heather is particularly amazing. Having only been actively singing for three years, she fit right in with a band that contains several people who have been singing and playing jazz and blues for their entire professional careers. She truly is a natural and I'm so happy to see that she's found her "calling" in life. I think I felt the same level of happiness as her beaming mom who made the 5 hour trek to Cobourg to surprise her daughter and watch the show.

All this talent around me makes me sad I can't sing. I should be able to. I've lamented this fact a million times. My mom sings. My Dad is a great guitar player. People actually pay to hear them play together! But it's okay. I will not be sad. No, I'll live vicariously through the musical escapades of my friends and, until the next show, I'll simply continue singing badly to myself in my car.

Check out some of Heather's tunes here.

Or check out the Royal Jelly Orchestra here.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The more money I raise, the faster I'll run!

In January, I made some resolutions; or rather some 2009 goals. Some ambitious. Some very realistic. One of those goals was to sign up for and complete a 10km race.

Well, I've done it. I will participating in the 2009 David Bloom Memorial Brampton Spring Sprint and will be running a 10km race on May 3. The event is in memory of David Bloom who is the brother of my friend and former coworker, Richard Bloom. I feel happy that I can accomplish my goal and do something for a good cause that has meaning for me.

I have a modest fundraising goal of $500 so hopefully I can meet it. Evidently, there is no punishment for not meeting your goal, which takes the pressure off...unlike the Walk to End Breast Cancer that apparently holds you personally accountable for the $2,000 fundraising minimum. Likewise, no one will physically abuse or verbally harass me if I can't run all the way to the finish line (however, I'm determined to run 10km in under an hour) and I get a free tshirt!

For all my loyal blog readers (ie: Tina and April), maybe you could toss a couple bucks my way. If I meet my goal, I'll sprint the full 10km. Okay, that's a lie. I will however, jog enthusiastically. :)

You can find my donation page here

I looked for a picture that illustrated my fierce athleticism and am hoping my selection helps encourage more donations.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Luck o' the Irish

St. Patrick's Day is always fun. Even if it's on a Tuesday. I spent the day yesterday, working from home with the windows open enjoying the smell of Spring air come through my windows.

I played my "Irish Songs" playlist which consists of several classics including The Irish Drinking Song and basically anything by The Pogues. I am sure I've never understood a full sentence the Pogues have ever sang, but man, there is nothing quite like a fun Irish tune to make you want to get up, dance and grab a green pint. Even if it is Tuesday...and you're not Irish...

Highlight of the day included meeting a real, live leprechaun. Picture coming soon...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I finally finished Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. Tremendous book. I highly reccommend it. It really shed some light on the nature of success and how it's really not all grit, personal effort, talent and ambition. Sure, that's part of it, but success is really more about a series of random events and opportunities; about being in the right place at the right time. Despite the fact that I'm more of a fluffy fiction reader, I found this book fascinating.

Anyways, I was on the hunt last night for something new to read and I have had this random Ian Rankin novel called Knots and Crosses beside my bed since Christmas. Graham got it in a case of specialty beer he received as a Christmas present (Whatever happened to tshirt freebies?) I read the back of the book and thought skeptically: "This looks kind of lame. I really don't know if I want to read it." I flipped the book open to a random page and it happened to be the author's dedication. It said:

"To Miranda. Without whom, nothing is worth finishing."

I don't really think I have a choice about reading this book now. Hope its a good read!

Speaking of signs, you know how sometimes it seems like songs on the radio seem to align perfectly with your feelings? That old song "Switchin' to Glide" by The Kings came on and the lyric: "Nothing matters but the weekend... from a Tuesday point of view," really hit home with me today. It's not even noon and I've drifted off into weekend day dreaming several times today already. Come on Friday!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Toastmasters: An Obituary

I have been the President of my company's Toastmasters Club for more than a year. I’ve loved the club, the people and being the leader and mentor for this group of inspiring, determined people.

That’s why it pains me to say that it looks as if our Club is going to have to close its doors. Annual fees have come due and a large majority of our members will not renew.

Due to the state of the company, they will not longer be paying for training and development costs for their employees and people are unwilling to pay for their club fees out of their own pockets. And sadly, the club has been deteriorating for some time. Membership is decreasing as layoffs increase. Attendance is down as people are overloaded with work and participation is limited because people simply can’t focus on personal development in a company that doesn’t make it a priority.

Toastmasters is far from synonymous with cool. It’s generally a club of somewhat socially awkward, introverted folks petrified of public speaking. I read that public speaking is the world’s greatest fear, ranking higher even than things like death by fire or plane crashes.

Coolness aside, it truly is one of the most effective forums I’ve seen to help people come out of their shells and become more confident speakers and communicators. I could go on for pages about the benefits of this club. The things I have learned as both a member and the President have been absolutely invaluable.

That is why I’m sad to see it fall apart in front of me despite my best efforts.

All is not lost of course. Toastmasters is well-known around the world and the GTA alone has more than 50 different clubs. I’ll transfer my membership to somewhere new but I’ll always feel a little sad about this Club that failed… with me at the helm.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion

Anyone who knows me knows I love the spotlight. So when a former coworker asked if I would be in some promotional videos for the Habitat for Humanity Women Build Project how could I refuse? Come to the studio? Have my makeup done? Read a script from a teleprompter and hob knob with B-list Canadian celebrities?! You had me at studio.

While filming, I got to meet supermodel Monika Schnarr. She is one tall lady! Note the photo. I stood with four inch heels on a box and was still shorter than her! Alas, my dreams of modeling will never come to fruition.

After waiting weeks and weeks for the volunteer editing team to complete their magic, these are the final videos:

Video One


Video Two

Okay, so I'm only in each one for a few seconds but it was such fun. I love being in the studio. Maybe I missed my calling in broadcast. ;)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

National Do Over Day

According to my radio, today is National Do Over Day.

Apparently, today is the day where every Canadian gets a chance "to do over anything good to do with love, family, sensuality, travel, social life, etc., or on the darker side, career-ending blunders, socially suicidal moves, immoral or criminal acts or pretty much anything falling under the heading 'regrettable.'

Here's my list...

Things I'd do differently:
- My last job interview for the job I didn't get
- End my last relationship sooner
- Go on exchange in highschool
- Been in french immersion in school
- Giving my number to a jerk at Rob's party
- Made more lasting friendships in university
- Not dye my hair strawberry blonde in Grade 9 (Eeek!)

Good experiences I'd like to relive:
- The summer of 2006
- Any trip with Graham
- My last day of highschool
- That dinner at the Greek a la carte restaurant in Dominican Republic
- My first drive alone after getting my license
- Walking out of my final university exam
- The Green Day concert
- Summer camping trips with Tina and my Dad
- New Years Eve 1999

Friday, February 20, 2009

"Smile a Little!"

I found out today that I didn't get a job I had three interviews for. I am disappointed. I put a lot of effort into that process. Four weeks total and countless hours studying relevant industry news and travelling to and from the office for interviews. I put my whole heart into it and it sucks that wasn't enough.

So, I'm back out there and today I met a nice new contact from a downtown law firm. The meeting went well so I'm not totally sure why I was walking home from the subway with a scowl on my face. I think I was just deep in thought - both about what I still had to do for my current job and brooding (just a little) that I didn't get the job I interviewed for.

So as I walked down my street with downcast eyes, a furrowed brow and pursed lips, a total stranger passing by me in the opposite direction literally grabbed my arm, looked at me and said, "Smile a little!" and kept walking in the other direction.

I found the whole thing so amusing I did smile. And I smiled all the rest of the way home. :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Roller Derby, Anyone?

On Monday night, I went skating at the outdoor rink down at the harbourfront. This was my first skate of 2009 and it was glorious. I love that no matter how long its been since the last time I laced up my hockey skates and hit the ice, I always seem to be at the same skill level. I had a great time. I miss skating. So as I was whizzing around the ice, enjoying all the newbie skaters wobble around in their rental skates, I was stopped by a stranger wanting to know how long I'd been skating for. We started up a little conversation and as it turns out, she's a player on the Toronto Roller Derby team and suggested I try out.

Feeling pleased with myself, I said I'd check it out online. Here's what I found out:

- Roller Derby is a cool sport and one that is evidently making a comeback
- It is a sport played by women on those old school 4-wheel roller skates
- It is part show, part sport and all players have a wicked cool skater name like Candy Crossbones, Mala Justed and Audrey Hellborn.
- It is pretty violent! Lots of injuries!
- All the girls that play look TOUGH! I was scared of the pics
- They wear cool costumes... like leg warmers and short shorts that coordinate with their team name. Love!

I emailed the "fresh meat" coordinator that organizes the try-outs and she provided me with a ton of info. Although I am intrigued, I'm going to put it on the backburner for now. It was a big time committment and a lot of $$$ to buy the necessary equipment. So for now, while I'm focused on my career, I'll remain happy skating occassionally on the outdoor rinks in Toronto.

However, if I ever try out for this team, I'd need an entourage of cheering fans... and a really wicked derby girl name...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Did Anyone Notice...

...that I changed the title of this blog?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


There's nothing quite like a job interview to make you doubt yourself.

Interviewing has got to be right up there with one of my most hated activities. It ranks right alongside brushing snow off my car and cleaning my cat's litter. Necessary, but altogether unpleasant.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why I Love Toronto

- Everything I need is within walking distance of my place
- I live across the street from a pub... three pubs actually
- One of the pubs is like Cheers and the waiters know me and Cathy. Yes, I am a bar local
- Most of my great friends live here (aside from Tina and April! *tear*)
- I can get ice cream at 11:00 pm from Baskin Robbins
- I never get hassled walking down Church Street - except for one time a woman hit on me... but it was just once in two years, so I can live with that
- I can always find somewhere cool to eat: Indian, Thai, Sushi, Korean, Mediterreanean, Greek, Portugese freakin' barbecue... it's all good. And it never ends.
- I've lived here for two years and am still discovering new things
- The TTC... even though it sucks, it takes me from A to B at a reasonable price. I also love that it's air-conditioned in the summer, and that it comes every 5 mins, even in off-times.
- Drinking beer at a Jays game in the summer
- Being an obnoxious fan at the Toronto FC
- Great concerts like... Spice Girls :)
- I love that after the concert you can go out and enjoy a smokey, greasy hot dog in the night air and laugh at crazy people on the streets. Love.
- The airport is closeby
- Multiculturalism
- I love that you can find fashionistas, indie kids, geeky scholars, and regular 9-5'ers all hanging out on the same patio
- Empanadas at Kensington Market
- I LOVE that singing guitar man at the Madison. I also love that the Madison is basically a big frat house, but with better booze.
- Shopping. Yonge and Bloor, The Eaton's Centre, Yorkville, Queen West, Sherway Gardens, Anything down Yonge Street. For a girl who was deprived of good shopping for all her teen years, this city is shopping heaven.

Yup. The T-dot is a good spot :)

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Women: Wired for Marketing

I have been out networking like crazy in an attempt to better my work situation and I've discovered something interesting. So far, I have met:

- Four Cheif Marketing Officers from large Toronto law firms
- Three Senior VPs from local PR Agencies
- One Director of Communications for an Accounting firm
- One Corporate Communications Manager for a Pension Fund

What do they all have in common? They're ALL women. All nine of them.

Evidence from this recent article in the Top Tech News seems to agree. Apparently, women's brains make them better marketers.

So here's what happens. Every baby starts off with a woman's brain - according to this article. Then, in the case of boys, a surge of of fetal testosterone takes over the communication part of the brain. Meanwhile, the girl brain goes along developing which results in drastically different brain makeup from the boy. This is why, even from an early age, girls display greater sensitivity and far greater ability to understand others than boys. The article then goes on to explain then how this accounts for the fact that women make better marketers than men - we are genetically wired to be better at it.

Looks like I picked the right career!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

No Excuse

I have been the worst kind of blogger there is. As I get more and more into the social media space with my job, I realize how much my absence on this blog has hurt it. I've killed it. Any readers I once had, have now likely jumped ship, on to bigger and better blogs with daily insights and witty commentary, complete with hundreds of readers and comments.

Sigh. I will get back into this. Perhaps as I embark on my next opportunity. I can have an official launch party for the new blog.

New name suggestions welcome.

Stay tuned.