Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Roller Derby, Anyone?

On Monday night, I went skating at the outdoor rink down at the harbourfront. This was my first skate of 2009 and it was glorious. I love that no matter how long its been since the last time I laced up my hockey skates and hit the ice, I always seem to be at the same skill level. I had a great time. I miss skating. So as I was whizzing around the ice, enjoying all the newbie skaters wobble around in their rental skates, I was stopped by a stranger wanting to know how long I'd been skating for. We started up a little conversation and as it turns out, she's a player on the Toronto Roller Derby team and suggested I try out.

Feeling pleased with myself, I said I'd check it out online. Here's what I found out:

- Roller Derby is a cool sport and one that is evidently making a comeback
- It is a sport played by women on those old school 4-wheel roller skates
- It is part show, part sport and all players have a wicked cool skater name like Candy Crossbones, Mala Justed and Audrey Hellborn.
- It is pretty violent! Lots of injuries!
- All the girls that play look TOUGH! I was scared of the pics
- They wear cool costumes... like leg warmers and short shorts that coordinate with their team name. Love!

I emailed the "fresh meat" coordinator that organizes the try-outs and she provided me with a ton of info. Although I am intrigued, I'm going to put it on the backburner for now. It was a big time committment and a lot of $$$ to buy the necessary equipment. So for now, while I'm focused on my career, I'll remain happy skating occassionally on the outdoor rinks in Toronto.

However, if I ever try out for this team, I'd need an entourage of cheering fans... and a really wicked derby girl name...


April said...

Cool! There's a roller derby team that just started up in New Hamburg last year and our cop reporter is on it! She's got the perfect personality for it- here's her blog

Also our A&E reporter did an indepth feature on the team and all the dual personalities of the players. It was really well done. I'll have to dig it up for you.

Anonymous said...

Miranda Mayhem?

M said...

hahahaha love it. I would totally do this... but I actually think I'd get my ass kicked. I would be afraid of injuries. The girls get pretty beat up.

I do like Miranda Mayhem.

And this is random, but on the Toronto derby website, they sell mouth guards and you can get any words or pictures you want on the mouth guard. The girl selling them said she has a pic of David Hasselhoff on hers! haha