Friday, February 27, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion

Anyone who knows me knows I love the spotlight. So when a former coworker asked if I would be in some promotional videos for the Habitat for Humanity Women Build Project how could I refuse? Come to the studio? Have my makeup done? Read a script from a teleprompter and hob knob with B-list Canadian celebrities?! You had me at studio.

While filming, I got to meet supermodel Monika Schnarr. She is one tall lady! Note the photo. I stood with four inch heels on a box and was still shorter than her! Alas, my dreams of modeling will never come to fruition.

After waiting weeks and weeks for the volunteer editing team to complete their magic, these are the final videos:

Video One


Video Two

Okay, so I'm only in each one for a few seconds but it was such fun. I love being in the studio. Maybe I missed my calling in broadcast. ;)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

National Do Over Day

According to my radio, today is National Do Over Day.

Apparently, today is the day where every Canadian gets a chance "to do over anything good to do with love, family, sensuality, travel, social life, etc., or on the darker side, career-ending blunders, socially suicidal moves, immoral or criminal acts or pretty much anything falling under the heading 'regrettable.'

Here's my list...

Things I'd do differently:
- My last job interview for the job I didn't get
- End my last relationship sooner
- Go on exchange in highschool
- Been in french immersion in school
- Giving my number to a jerk at Rob's party
- Made more lasting friendships in university
- Not dye my hair strawberry blonde in Grade 9 (Eeek!)

Good experiences I'd like to relive:
- The summer of 2006
- Any trip with Graham
- My last day of highschool
- That dinner at the Greek a la carte restaurant in Dominican Republic
- My first drive alone after getting my license
- Walking out of my final university exam
- The Green Day concert
- Summer camping trips with Tina and my Dad
- New Years Eve 1999

Friday, February 20, 2009

"Smile a Little!"

I found out today that I didn't get a job I had three interviews for. I am disappointed. I put a lot of effort into that process. Four weeks total and countless hours studying relevant industry news and travelling to and from the office for interviews. I put my whole heart into it and it sucks that wasn't enough.

So, I'm back out there and today I met a nice new contact from a downtown law firm. The meeting went well so I'm not totally sure why I was walking home from the subway with a scowl on my face. I think I was just deep in thought - both about what I still had to do for my current job and brooding (just a little) that I didn't get the job I interviewed for.

So as I walked down my street with downcast eyes, a furrowed brow and pursed lips, a total stranger passing by me in the opposite direction literally grabbed my arm, looked at me and said, "Smile a little!" and kept walking in the other direction.

I found the whole thing so amusing I did smile. And I smiled all the rest of the way home. :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Roller Derby, Anyone?

On Monday night, I went skating at the outdoor rink down at the harbourfront. This was my first skate of 2009 and it was glorious. I love that no matter how long its been since the last time I laced up my hockey skates and hit the ice, I always seem to be at the same skill level. I had a great time. I miss skating. So as I was whizzing around the ice, enjoying all the newbie skaters wobble around in their rental skates, I was stopped by a stranger wanting to know how long I'd been skating for. We started up a little conversation and as it turns out, she's a player on the Toronto Roller Derby team and suggested I try out.

Feeling pleased with myself, I said I'd check it out online. Here's what I found out:

- Roller Derby is a cool sport and one that is evidently making a comeback
- It is a sport played by women on those old school 4-wheel roller skates
- It is part show, part sport and all players have a wicked cool skater name like Candy Crossbones, Mala Justed and Audrey Hellborn.
- It is pretty violent! Lots of injuries!
- All the girls that play look TOUGH! I was scared of the pics
- They wear cool costumes... like leg warmers and short shorts that coordinate with their team name. Love!

I emailed the "fresh meat" coordinator that organizes the try-outs and she provided me with a ton of info. Although I am intrigued, I'm going to put it on the backburner for now. It was a big time committment and a lot of $$$ to buy the necessary equipment. So for now, while I'm focused on my career, I'll remain happy skating occassionally on the outdoor rinks in Toronto.

However, if I ever try out for this team, I'd need an entourage of cheering fans... and a really wicked derby girl name...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Did Anyone Notice...

...that I changed the title of this blog?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


There's nothing quite like a job interview to make you doubt yourself.

Interviewing has got to be right up there with one of my most hated activities. It ranks right alongside brushing snow off my car and cleaning my cat's litter. Necessary, but altogether unpleasant.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why I Love Toronto

- Everything I need is within walking distance of my place
- I live across the street from a pub... three pubs actually
- One of the pubs is like Cheers and the waiters know me and Cathy. Yes, I am a bar local
- Most of my great friends live here (aside from Tina and April! *tear*)
- I can get ice cream at 11:00 pm from Baskin Robbins
- I never get hassled walking down Church Street - except for one time a woman hit on me... but it was just once in two years, so I can live with that
- I can always find somewhere cool to eat: Indian, Thai, Sushi, Korean, Mediterreanean, Greek, Portugese freakin' barbecue... it's all good. And it never ends.
- I've lived here for two years and am still discovering new things
- The TTC... even though it sucks, it takes me from A to B at a reasonable price. I also love that it's air-conditioned in the summer, and that it comes every 5 mins, even in off-times.
- Drinking beer at a Jays game in the summer
- Being an obnoxious fan at the Toronto FC
- Great concerts like... Spice Girls :)
- I love that after the concert you can go out and enjoy a smokey, greasy hot dog in the night air and laugh at crazy people on the streets. Love.
- The airport is closeby
- Multiculturalism
- I love that you can find fashionistas, indie kids, geeky scholars, and regular 9-5'ers all hanging out on the same patio
- Empanadas at Kensington Market
- I LOVE that singing guitar man at the Madison. I also love that the Madison is basically a big frat house, but with better booze.
- Shopping. Yonge and Bloor, The Eaton's Centre, Yorkville, Queen West, Sherway Gardens, Anything down Yonge Street. For a girl who was deprived of good shopping for all her teen years, this city is shopping heaven.

Yup. The T-dot is a good spot :)