Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why I Love Toronto

- Everything I need is within walking distance of my place
- I live across the street from a pub... three pubs actually
- One of the pubs is like Cheers and the waiters know me and Cathy. Yes, I am a bar local
- Most of my great friends live here (aside from Tina and April! *tear*)
- I can get ice cream at 11:00 pm from Baskin Robbins
- I never get hassled walking down Church Street - except for one time a woman hit on me... but it was just once in two years, so I can live with that
- I can always find somewhere cool to eat: Indian, Thai, Sushi, Korean, Mediterreanean, Greek, Portugese freakin' barbecue... it's all good. And it never ends.
- I've lived here for two years and am still discovering new things
- The TTC... even though it sucks, it takes me from A to B at a reasonable price. I also love that it's air-conditioned in the summer, and that it comes every 5 mins, even in off-times.
- Drinking beer at a Jays game in the summer
- Being an obnoxious fan at the Toronto FC
- Great concerts like... Spice Girls :)
- I love that after the concert you can go out and enjoy a smokey, greasy hot dog in the night air and laugh at crazy people on the streets. Love.
- The airport is closeby
- Multiculturalism
- I love that you can find fashionistas, indie kids, geeky scholars, and regular 9-5'ers all hanging out on the same patio
- Empanadas at Kensington Market
- I LOVE that singing guitar man at the Madison. I also love that the Madison is basically a big frat house, but with better booze.
- Shopping. Yonge and Bloor, The Eaton's Centre, Yorkville, Queen West, Sherway Gardens, Anything down Yonge Street. For a girl who was deprived of good shopping for all her teen years, this city is shopping heaven.

Yup. The T-dot is a good spot :)


Anonymous said...

What a nice love letter :) I like coming to visit you in TO (except when I get parking tickets!), but I must admit I could write a list just as long about why I love Waterloo. Do you think that people end up loving wherever their home is, as long as they are happy while they are living there? I have really enjoyed everywhere I have lived so far, for different reasons each time... well, okay, except maybe Kincardine at the age of 18. :)

M said...

Hah... perhaps. I am sure I could come up with a (short) list of Kincardine loves...maybe. And yeah, there's a soft spot in my heart for Waterloo as well.

April said...

I love Waterloo, but I'm starting to itch for a change. Something fresh and a new start. Toronto sounds good but I'll go where the job takes me!