Friday, February 27, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion

Anyone who knows me knows I love the spotlight. So when a former coworker asked if I would be in some promotional videos for the Habitat for Humanity Women Build Project how could I refuse? Come to the studio? Have my makeup done? Read a script from a teleprompter and hob knob with B-list Canadian celebrities?! You had me at studio.

While filming, I got to meet supermodel Monika Schnarr. She is one tall lady! Note the photo. I stood with four inch heels on a box and was still shorter than her! Alas, my dreams of modeling will never come to fruition.

After waiting weeks and weeks for the volunteer editing team to complete their magic, these are the final videos:

Video One


Video Two

Okay, so I'm only in each one for a few seconds but it was such fun. I love being in the studio. Maybe I missed my calling in broadcast. ;)

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April said...

Don't worry, PR is far more secure than broadcast. :) Great videos!