Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ideal Self

Today in my Toastmasters group, we did an interesting little exercise. We were told to write down three things: your favourite animal, your favourite colour and your favourite body of water. Then, we were told to write down 5 or 6 characteristics or things that each item reminded us of.

Apparently the first item - the animal - is a representation of your ideal self.

This is what I wrote:

Cat - cute, sloth-like/lazy, life of leisure, liked by people, vain, demanding and playful.

I'm not sure my ideal self is vain, lazy and demanding! If this is a glimpse into my subconscious, I'm in big trouble.

The second item - your favourite colour - was supposed to be a representation of how you want others to see you. I wrote:

Green - peaceful, cool, calm, summer, tropical.

That works. I'm happy with that. A bit of a contrast from my "ideal self." Seems as if I'm living a bit of a dual-life.

The third thing - the body of water - was supposed to represent how you act intimately. This was a weird one. I wrote:

Lake Huron - beautiful, fun, home, campfires, partying, late nights, drinking, my parents boat.

Uh.... sounds scandolous. I am really not sure how credible and accurate this personality test was!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Spontaneous Dance

I’ve always wanted to get caught up in one of those moments they often have in movies where people just spontaneously break into a dance and people just join in seeming to already know the moves like its common knowledge. A lifelong dream of mine really.

For example, remember the part near the end of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off where he co-opts that parade, and out of nowhere, people are doing an elaborate song and dance in the street?

Or, how about the ending of a random episode of The Drew Carey Show where there’s an out-of-nowhere dance battle between The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert?

And there’s this one that I stumbled upon last weekend. In that crappy movie 13 Going on 30 (only slightly redeemed due to this 80’s inspired spontaneous dance), Jennifer Garner's character needs to get a dull party going so she asks the DJ to turn on MJ’s Thriller and before you know it, the entire party is doing the Thriller dance...because people just know these things.

Or what about the end of the movie Slumdog Millionaire? That was a good one!

Recently, someone also sent me this one. It’s from Central Station in Antwerp Belgium where more than 200 dancers danced to “Do Re Mi” from The Sound of Music. Man, if I had of been there… I totally would have tried to join in.

One day, I hope to stumble upon a spontaneous dance - one that I can join in because I'll just instincively know the moves… because you know, that’s how these things happen, right? A girl can dream…