Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ideal Self

Today in my Toastmasters group, we did an interesting little exercise. We were told to write down three things: your favourite animal, your favourite colour and your favourite body of water. Then, we were told to write down 5 or 6 characteristics or things that each item reminded us of.

Apparently the first item - the animal - is a representation of your ideal self.

This is what I wrote:

Cat - cute, sloth-like/lazy, life of leisure, liked by people, vain, demanding and playful.

I'm not sure my ideal self is vain, lazy and demanding! If this is a glimpse into my subconscious, I'm in big trouble.

The second item - your favourite colour - was supposed to be a representation of how you want others to see you. I wrote:

Green - peaceful, cool, calm, summer, tropical.

That works. I'm happy with that. A bit of a contrast from my "ideal self." Seems as if I'm living a bit of a dual-life.

The third thing - the body of water - was supposed to represent how you act intimately. This was a weird one. I wrote:

Lake Huron - beautiful, fun, home, campfires, partying, late nights, drinking, my parents boat.

Uh.... sounds scandolous. I am really not sure how credible and accurate this personality test was!

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