Thursday, February 26, 2009

National Do Over Day

According to my radio, today is National Do Over Day.

Apparently, today is the day where every Canadian gets a chance "to do over anything good to do with love, family, sensuality, travel, social life, etc., or on the darker side, career-ending blunders, socially suicidal moves, immoral or criminal acts or pretty much anything falling under the heading 'regrettable.'

Here's my list...

Things I'd do differently:
- My last job interview for the job I didn't get
- End my last relationship sooner
- Go on exchange in highschool
- Been in french immersion in school
- Giving my number to a jerk at Rob's party
- Made more lasting friendships in university
- Not dye my hair strawberry blonde in Grade 9 (Eeek!)

Good experiences I'd like to relive:
- The summer of 2006
- Any trip with Graham
- My last day of highschool
- That dinner at the Greek a la carte restaurant in Dominican Republic
- My first drive alone after getting my license
- Walking out of my final university exam
- The Green Day concert
- Summer camping trips with Tina and my Dad
- New Years Eve 1999


April said...

I don't even remember NYE 1999... isn't that sad??

Great list!

Anonymous said...

What a great exercise! :) I'd never heard of National Do Over Day.

New Years 1999, Green Day, and the camping trips would totally make my "re-live" list too!!

I think I probably forced you to dye your hair in grade 9... lol, sorry about that one! :P