Sunday, April 19, 2009

Something new

I'm pretty averse to change. Even if my current situation is bad, I'm likely to hesitate about making a change. Even if I am successful in making the change, I somehow start coming up with a million reasons why the previous situation wasn't that bad. It's truly ridiculous behaviour. Very counter-productive. I think its because I'm a Libra. I'm too easily able to weigh pros and cons of situations which is great for being able to sympathize with people and see things from a variety of perspectives, but its crappy for making decisions.

Anyways, I made a change recently: I'll be starting a new job tomorrow and I'm pretty excited. Although saying goodbye to the old job was actually a lot harder than I anticipated, I'm ready for a new challenge. I'm excited about new coworkers, new work and a new atmosphere.

After returning from a last minute, sun-drenched trip to the sunny south, I'm ready for the change. Tanned, relaxed, de-stressed. The #1 reason I know I've totally relaxed: I stopped biting my nails. I didn't really mean to. It just happened. I have tried countless times in the past to stop. I've been biting my nails for more than two decades and all of sudden, I just stopped. I've always attributed my nail biting to stress so I'm taking this sudden change of behaviour as pure, undeniable evidence that I am de-stressed.

Yup. I'm ready for change. Bring it on.


Anonymous said...

How did the first couple days of work go!?

M said...

Great. Settling right in. Think I'll be very happy there. :)

April said...

Oooh that's awesome you quit biting your nails! Has it stuck?

Tasting Toronto said...

Oh heavens yes, being a Libra too I relate to you there!

And we're glad to have you on the team, woohoo!

Have a good weekend, I'm about to grocery shop like I've never grocery shopped before for Sat. LOL see ya!