Monday, July 20, 2009

Things that make no sense at all

- People who confidently quit very good jobs to travel the world
- Face tattoos
- Smoking
- Why I can't sing
- A label on a roast chicken salad that said, "Now with roast chicken."
- Why anyone names their child the same name as their last name.
- This video.
- Everything that Lady Gaga wears. Especially this.


Anonymous said...

Haha nice list. WTF with that jacket! I read an article on Lady Gaga recently in Maclean's that went into detail on how she deliberately tries to wear the most ridiculous things she can find and that she tries to live her life as a character/persona instead of a real person... she thinks fame needs to re-acquaint itself with mystery and illusion, since these days we all know WAY too much about celebrities' personal lives...? Something along those lines... anyway she is weird

M said...

Well, that's really special, but it doesn't divert the fact that she looks insane. Kermit heads? Really? I've also never seen a picture of that woman wearing pants. Please, stop wearing stuffed animals and put on some PANTS!