Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I can't understand why people watch the Bachelor or its equally horrible spin-off, the Bachelorette. During the cool-down of my spinning class last night, the instructor announced that she was racing home to watch the season finale of the Bachelorette which spawned about 15 "OH MY GOD!!! MEEEE TOOOO's" from other girls in the class. I looked around, bewildered by the fact that I might be the only 20-something female alive that doesn't watch this trite ridiculousness known as "reality TV."

But never one to be out of the loop, particularly in all things pop culture, I thought I would put on the show when I got home, passively observing it while I made dinner. At least I could talk about it with other girls if it came up in social situations.

As expected, it was awful! Why is it entertaining to watch people struggle through heartbreak? This woman apparently falls in love with two very nice, attractive men who you're lead to believe are in fact crazy in love with her, only to see her have to reject one man. Watching a grown man cry because he's just had his heartbroken is...well... heart breaking.

It wasn't entertaining. It was just sad. Even if it's all an act, it's STILL sad.

This show must only appeal to people who have had perfect relationships because for anyone who can relate to having their heart broken, it sure was depressing!

Maybe it's cathartic? I don't know. Either way, there was no way I was sitting through to the end to watch the much anticipated proposal.

Someone please let me know when they've found something worth watching on TV.


April said...

Um, I was glued to this season. Go ahead, judge me.

M said...

I will. You're horrible :) jk. Love you. I just don't like TV. I'm the weird one.