Sunday, July 26, 2009


How is that a 25 year old can spend a whole weekend feeling old? Surrounded by people, some nearly a decade my junior, I felt ancient. It's insane. I know this a completely insane thought. But I can't help it. What is particularly unnerving about this is that while these "younger people" all seem to think I'm "so much older than them," I don't really feel that much of a divide. I felt that if the topic of age had never come up, I could have been perfectly happy thinking we were all peers.

And just to add insult to injury, I log into Facebook, which admittedly is becoming a more infrequent activity these days, only to find my wall covered in albums of new babies and weddings. That's it. I know it's been said before but what happened to pictures of fun parties and travelling? When did all this get replaced by things that are so alarmingly "adult?" I feel betrayed. Like everyone grew up and left me behind. And now, I have no choice but to continue pretending or grow up with them.

Again, I realize this is completely absurd. 25 is not old.

It's just a series of unconnected events that happened close together making me feel like this.

I need to go do something ridiculously immature now to make myself feel better. Maybe I'll make a prank phone calls while eating cookies in bed. Yeeeah... I think that will do the trick.


Carly said...

I see weddings and babies and new houses on Facebook all the time, but it has the opposite effect on me - it makes me feel young and immature. Like I'm maybe supposed to be doing all of those things. But then I remember that I don't want to, haha.

April said...

I always feel old because most interns are way younger than me. But then I feel better about having lots of life experience behind me. Ah it all works out I guess. PLUS, most ppl seem to think I'm much younger than 26 and that makes me HAPPY.

M said...

I agree, Carly. I definitley don't want to be doing those things yet. I guess I'm just feeling pressured... like I "should" be doing them, or at least wanting to do them!

April, generally I think people think I'm younger than I am. It depends what I'm wearing, I find. I have basically stopped getting ID'd though... which kinda makes me feel sad.