Monday, October 19, 2009

If you're happy and you know it...

So I had kind of a rough day today. Something blew up at work which caused me an unnecessary amount of stress. I definitley need to work on chilling out. Not to mention it was Monday, which is never really a stellar day of the week.

Anyways, I decided I needed to let off a little steam so I booked it to a spinning class as soon as I got home. I was walking there and this random old lady was kind of in my way, trying to feed the squirrels. She was pretty cute, cooing at this black squirrel up in the tree so I smiled as I walked by. She stopped me and said that she feeds this same squirrel everyday. Making small talk, I asked how she knew it was the same one. She said he had a little white patch on his tail and that he liked peanuts. Just as I was about to go on my way, she told me to wait and started rooting around in her little wheely carriage thing. I thought she was going to hand me peanuts to try and feed this squirrel with her but she pulled out all these cute little hand-painted cards that she said she painted herself and she wanted me to have one... for good luck.

I picked a nice pink rose with blue violets and told her I picked it to match my nails (they're pink today). She seemed delighted and told me to have a wonderful life. Isn't that nice?

I felt a little happier after that happened. :)

See? Not ALL people in Toronto are cold-hearted and mean.


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful life? That's adorable... sounds like a cute little lady :)

April said...

That's really sweet!!