Friday, March 20, 2009

The more money I raise, the faster I'll run!

In January, I made some resolutions; or rather some 2009 goals. Some ambitious. Some very realistic. One of those goals was to sign up for and complete a 10km race.

Well, I've done it. I will participating in the 2009 David Bloom Memorial Brampton Spring Sprint and will be running a 10km race on May 3. The event is in memory of David Bloom who is the brother of my friend and former coworker, Richard Bloom. I feel happy that I can accomplish my goal and do something for a good cause that has meaning for me.

I have a modest fundraising goal of $500 so hopefully I can meet it. Evidently, there is no punishment for not meeting your goal, which takes the pressure off...unlike the Walk to End Breast Cancer that apparently holds you personally accountable for the $2,000 fundraising minimum. Likewise, no one will physically abuse or verbally harass me if I can't run all the way to the finish line (however, I'm determined to run 10km in under an hour) and I get a free tshirt!

For all my loyal blog readers (ie: Tina and April), maybe you could toss a couple bucks my way. If I meet my goal, I'll sprint the full 10km. Okay, that's a lie. I will however, jog enthusiastically. :)

You can find my donation page here

I looked for a picture that illustrated my fierce athleticism and am hoping my selection helps encourage more donations.


hrgottlieb said...

You might check out Easy Fundraising Ideas. They have lots of fundraising ideas that will help you meet your goal easily.

April said...

Go Miranda!! You're making me want to sign up for a race too. I'm thinking the shore-to-shore in Wiarton Civic holiday weekend... I think it's 12 km. Kelsey and I were actually talking about doing it this week! I'll need some serious training though. I've never run a centimetre past 5.5 km. Yigh.

Miranda said...

I just ran 6.4 km and it was tough. I'm gonna really need to work to do 10 km easily. I have just over a month! Wish me luck!

Anonymous said...

Your athleticism IS fierce ;)

You will do awesome!!