Thursday, January 04, 2007

2006: One hell of a year

Unlike 2005, I'm sad to put 2006 to rest. It was an absolutley great year for so many reasons.

I graduated, I travelled all over the world, I had a fabulous summer full of great parties and memories and I'm in a great relationship with someone who makes me happy. I also landed a job as a Media Relations Specialist which seemed like a total impossibility six months ago. Unlike 2005, I think I spent over 90% of 2006 being delightfully happy.

2007 scares me a little. Within the first few weeks of this year I'll have a new home, a new job, live in a new city with a new roommate. I'm pretty averse to change so all of this at once is pretty intimidating. Overall though, I'm excited. It's time to start my real career... but that also means I have to grow up. I was talking to a friend yesterday and he asked:

"So, is the year of the party over?"

No, I said, it will just be classier, more expensive parties.

"Oh," he said. "So no more keggers in the garage?"

"I guess not," I said and I was actually sort of sad about this.

Maybe we don't have to grow up just yet. I'm sure we can still go out, drink too much, act silly and abuse our bodies for a little while longer. Maybe we'll just buy more expensive beer. ;)


Sisko Brill said...

maybe 2007 is a year for change, where the lost become found, the survivors share their knowledge, the good fortunes come not wrapped in perfumed paper, but in the once-shallow conversations with strangers.
i was born on a 7, laura was born on a 7, i live on the 7th floor of a thirteen floor highrise building, the only sign i can see from my balcony is 77 governor's road and from time to time a hamilton taxi cab comes around with the phone number 777-7777.
our neighbor marcel was born in 1977 and came to canada from poland when he was 7. he lives in apartment 711.


M said...

Ahhh!!! Lucky number 7! I was also born on the 7th and I beleive that this will be my seventh move since becoming a student! Hmmm this is getting to be a bit of a creepy coincidence.

cms said...

Well I can't think of anything that would allow me to join your cool 7 club, but you could also add that you and Laura just celebrated 7 years together...

M said...

7 years!? holy christ. Congrats guys. That's definitley some kind of wonderful ;)