Thursday, March 15, 2007


I've often said that bed time is my favourite time of day. Bed time, nap time, they're both great times... But lately, I haven't been getting very much sleep. Not by choice, just for various reasons of having to get up early and go places or for the simple fact that I just stay up too late. So last night, being the ultra cool person that I am, I decided to go to bed at 10:00 pm because I had nothing better to do and I figured a solid 9 hours would be good for me. So much for that theory. This afternoon, I feel more tired than I have in a long time. I just caught myself staring blankly at this complicaetd spreadsheet I'm creating. I'm attempting Graham's tried-and-true time wasting strategy of pretending to work while you're really just sleeping with your eyes open. The trick is to appear like you're really struggling to analyze the data in a spreadsheet, when in reality, you're really spacing out or pretty much alseep.

I mentioned my drowsiness to a coworker and she said that it's possible to actually be "over-slept." Apparently having too much sleep is just as bad as not enough. Go figure. What a fickle, silly thing sleep is. Ironically, I also heard on the radio on my commute to work this morning that a lack of sleep is cited as one of the major contributing causes in such disasters as Chernobyl and the Hubble space shuttle disaster. I heard this while driving on the 401 struggling to keep my eyes open... wishing I had a coffee.


In other news, it's my dear cat Harley's 4th birthday today. I bought her some decadent cat food and some new treats and I made her a little birthday sign for above her cat bowls. I realize she neither notices nor cares and that this looks like the beginnings of insane-cat-lady-syndrome, but she's a cool cat and her birthday deserves to be recognized. I'm hoping Graham will come over later and sing "Happy Birthday" to her. :)


Anonymous said...

I heard that thing about lack of sleep contributing to major disasters this morning too! And I found it highly ironic as well, because my alarm clock is set to the radio and so the first thing I heard today while struggling to force my eyes open and get up to go to class was how lack of sleep is so bad for you :P

April said...

I heard somewhere that when you lack sleep your body acts the same way you do when your blood alcohol limit is like you're drunk. So when I drove home Tuesday night at 5:30 am I guess I was an impaired driver! Yikes. No wonder we get so giddy on production nights!