Wednesday, May 23, 2007


It seems like the harder I work, the more I screw stuff up. I keep telling myself it's because I'm still new at this PR stuff and I'm bound to make mistakes. It's really the only way to learn around here. I did something really dumb today and got a nice "you really fucked up" phone call on my cell all the way from Vegas. I hate feeling stupid and i'm feeling stupid a lot at work these days. I have really been busting my butt and the majority of the feedback I get is when i've screwed something up. I need to learn to have thicker skin. Criticism really gets to me. That's why I could never be a journalist. Turns out PR's not a hell of a lot different. Anyways, none of this is the end of the world and really, despite how many "you're an idiot" emails I get in a day, it's ones like this that motivate me to keep going:

"Thanks. They [my reports on our news coverage from the conference] are VERY helpful. While I have seen some of the news you capture, I haven't seen all of it ... and I truly appreciate it.

Thank you for adding me and keeping me posted.

Have a nice afternoon.



I've moved again and now have a nice sense of permanence and stability. Cathy is a super roommate. We get along great, laugh a lot and have the same irresistible attraction to wine. Shout out to Cathy for her 22nd bday yesterday and heads up for the housewarming set for June 16! Let the good times roll!

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April said...

Miranda I totally know how you feel about the f'ing up thing. It's been happening to me at Home Depot. I was actually just going to post on it! The training has been almost non-existent and the only time I get feedback is when I screw stuff up. It's not a great way of working things. I think it comes down to lack of time/laziness to properly train newbies like you and I. They also think we're smart so we'll just "pick it up." Yeah, well, even smart people need to be shown the ropes.