Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Canada Day in the Nation's Capital

What better way to spend a first time visit in Ottawa than on Canada Day? I knew the trip would be a lot of fun but it greatly exceeded my expectations.

Boy was I obnoxious. Get me in a group of fun girls, with no obligations and a ton of booze and it's like a whole new me - one that lacks those moments of internal monologue where you ask yourself whether what you're doing is okay, or illegal... ;)

So I'd like to document the weekend with some stats:

- 10+ hours of driving
- 2 great road trip companions
- 100's of fun songs on the iPod
- 1 visit with Lucky Ron
- 3 VERY hot boys
- 1 severely damaged ego (not ours)
- 2 stolen Canada Day flags
- 1 foiled dine and dash
- 4+ lost friends
- 1 temper tantrum
- 1 illegal entry into the bar
- 3 injuries
- 1 shoulder ride atop a random tall guy
- 1 bottle of expensive champagne
- 2 emergency washroom situations
- 1 experience of local art and culture
- 1 revelation about plaid
- 5 very unhealthy meals
- 1 broken camera
- Many games of in-the-bar flip cup
- 1 lost bottle of gin (later found)
- 0 parking tickets
- 2 brutal hangovers

...and countless fun memories :)

Special thanks to the hostess Danielle for letting us invade her home and make rude comments about her roommates we never met.

Till next year.....


danielle said...

Nice one! I didn't realise how obnoxious it was until it was put in front of me in numbers!!! this deffinitly needs to become an annual event. I would just like to make a few slight corrections though...I believe foiled dine and dash count should be 2 if you include Dan and cassy's attempt the following night...or maybe 3 if you count BOTH our attempts that night! lol. GREAT TIMES

April said...

You girls look so cute! You know what's VERY Canadian that I would love to go to one day? The Calgary Stampede!!!