Thursday, November 22, 2007

Exercise and the Human Body: A Preliminary Study

So I'm trying this new thing: exercising regularly. I'm determined to stick to it this time and so far, three weeks in to "Operation: Get Fit," all is rolling along nicely. I attend several classes at the gym per week, each of which is different and good in it's own way. I basically go as much as my schedule will allow and I'm also making a concerted effort to eat healthier and drinking loads of water.

My goal in all of this is not to lose weight as one might predict. No, it's simply to see if this continued, regular exercise has an detectable results; either internal or external.

Typically, I exercise sporatically. Randomly and irregularly. I'm interested to see what an 8 week period of regular, consistent exercise does to me. This is an experiment in myself.

My hypothesis is that despite this new trend in activity, I will not notice any real results either in the way I look or feel. Perhaps a slight to moderate improvement in stamina and strength but nothing perceptible to anyone but me. I hope to be proven wrong. I hope that the results will be so wonderfully dramatic that I'll relinquish a life of sloth and bad eating and be a master of health. We'll see...

I'm determined to stay on track for the sake of the experiment.

I have determined the end date of this experiment as the day I depart for a week of sloth and excessive drinking at a resort in a TBD location. I do however, plan to continue exercising at this gym into the new year.

I'll post a conclusion on the results, if any, prior to my departure.


April said...

Oooh that sounds really good. You'll probably feel great in your mood, stress-level and energy.

My "operation run around home depot and the province" seems to be working well. haha

Anonymous said...

If you are looking for "dramatic" increases in strength and stamina, you might need more than 8 weeks... unfortunately, these things tend to build up slowly, but fortunately, it does take a while to lose them once you get there. In my humble wannabe triathlete opinion anyway. :)

M said...

I seeee... well, still worth a shot anyways. I'm starting to like the gym now so maybe this is the beginning of some dramatic turnaround for me.

Who knows, maybe I'll run a triathlon with you this year. haha

(I can just hear you going: "Sure, sure.")