Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We're All Human

Sometimes we get caught up in this machine-like productivity we call work. We relentlessly plough toward a goal, often treating our fellow coworkers as means to an end. But then, when something like a medical emergency or death occurs, it suddenly becomes clear: we're all human. We're all alarmingly alike. Just people. I think I forget this on a regular basis.

I've been powering through reviews and edits to put together a big announcement for next week. I was getting increasingly frustrated when my contact was not returning my email or voicemails. Late last night I received an email from him saying he was rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night for immediate surgery. It was a total reality check. Really puts your priorities in order.

This guy must have sent this email via BlackBerry from his hospital bed and claimed he'd be back in the office today. A bit overly optimistic I think but his dedication was impressive.

Clearly his health is more important than our collaboration on this announcement. The world will not stop turning if this has to wait a week or two.

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April said...

True enough... We're all people with feelings and emotions and lives... In journalism we're always writing about humanity but sometimes we forget that we, too, are human.

This weekend there's a big conference on trauma experienced by journalists who witness horrific things. They're supposed to stay strong and tough after everything they report. It's good to know some newsrooms are coming to terms with the fact that their reporters are real people who need emotional and sometimes psychological support. SORRY, I digress!!