Saturday, April 12, 2008

Too Much of a Good Thing

The meaning of my name is, "to be admired" so I suppose it's somehow in my nature to draw people to me. This is not to say that I have throngs of desperate admirers, chasing me around like the paparazzi but I do certainly seem to have a knack for easily attracting people. This of course, is not a problem. The problem, I think, is when this attraction - or admiration as the case may be - stops being flattering and becomes totally creepy. Of course, it's wonderful when people appreciate you and admire the things you do but I think this is one case where too much of a good thing can produce the total opposite of the intended effect.

It's kind of like that saying: "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." I disagree. I think imitation is kind of creepy. There are better ways of showing someone you like them than copying them. I would also say there are better ways of showing admiration for someone than drowning them with over-the-top compliments. Yes, it's true. You can actually love too much. The Beatles may say, "all you need is love," but I say you need to spread it around, not lay it on so thick - otherwise, you may come off as obsessive and weird and although not intended, you may actually drive people away.

This was perhaps a little too deep for a Saturday afternoon post. Perhaps I've been dipping a little too heavily into the cold and flu drugs today.

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