Thursday, May 01, 2008

Am I a Wino?

The other day when I was getting ready for work, I found myself wondering, how much wine have I consumed in my life? I'm not sure why I was thinking this - perhaps because I was dreading another long, frustrating day at the office and would much rather be happily sipping white wine on my balcony or maybe it was because I was recently told I'm the group wino amongst our friends. Anyways, I was thinking in terms of quantity. Litres perhaps. Maybe the quantity is as vast as a keg! Several kegs even! I do drink a lot of wine.

So I thought, well, lets try to calculate this logically (because I'm such a mathematician!). I, on average, consume approximatley, 2 litres of wine a week. This is a very reasonable estimate. At times, it's much higher than this and probably at times, it is lower. However, as an average, I think 2 litres is reasonable (usually a half litre on Tuesdays at trivia, a glass here and there through the week and usually a bottle or small box on the weekend). So 2 litres a week x 52 weeks in a year = 104 litres.

One litre = 33.8 ounces. A usual glass of wine is around 6 ounces or so. So that means that in a year, I drink approx. 585 glasses of wine. With that calculation that means I drink 1.6 glasses of wine a day. :) That really doesn't seem like THAT much.

I've only really been drinking wine since late 2005 so that means, in my lifetime, I've drank around 260 litres of wine. A quick Google search tells me that a keg is 58 litres so that means I've drank almost 4.5 kegs of wine in my lifetime! Imagine the number when I'm 60?!

Maybe I really am a wino!


Anonymous said...

Haha, nice mathematical calculation there, now try repeating it after you've had a couple glasses ;)

Adrienne! said...

great post.
this is one of those times where i'm going to go with the whole 'ignorance is bliss' theory.
i love wine, and wine loves me. why analyze it?! haha.

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