Thursday, September 21, 2006

My world turned upside down

Time has literally dissapeared since I returned from my Costa Rican adventure. I've had a draft post saved that's a long winded play-by-play about what a wonderful, life changing experience it was but I deleted it. I realized that nothing I say, no pictures I show anyone or anything I write will ever do it justice. That trip was incredible. Life changing, eye-opening and inspirational. To see a sucessful experiment in sustainable living and witness a community living and working in complete harmony with nature was absolutley refreshing. Sometimes I feel like this world is doomed but being there really instilled new hope in me.

While I was on the trip I kept a trip journal of sorts - well, more like some scrawlings of random thoughts and substandard poetry but there was one entry in particular that I'd like to post because it makes me remember the incredible people that live in the Durika Biological Reserve in Costa Rica. I titled it "Knowledge"

"The people here have a lot of knowledge to share. No matter how many times they must have shared their stories, their eyes still sparkle when they talk. They're not self righteous or condescending; they're just eager to share what they know. It's reassuring to know that they weren't always like this. They grew up in urban areas, went to university, and lived much like I do today. Coming here wasn't easy. It was a journey, a sacrifice, a challenge. I will really try to take even a small peice of this knowledge back home with me. I can't change the world but I can change myself. It's a start"

I met some incredible people, saw some of the most diverse, interesting landscapes I've ever seen, ate some fabulous food and learned a lot - about work, life and myself. I couldn't have asked for a better way to end the summer.

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April said...

I think it is so wonderful how you took so much from that trip, Miranda. Inspiring.