Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I heart Fall

"Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn."
- Elizabeth Lawrence


Ian said...

Hey Miranda, thanks for your comment on my blog about my speech. I do not have a written transcription because we are not aloud to read, we can only expand on a breif outline. Nevertheless I will be able to describe the topic for you breifly.

As i said allready in the blog, Disembodiment, is what I call the feeling of not being able to connect to the body. Disembodiment happens when the mind attempts to seperate itself from the body, and it can do this for a number of reasons.
When we are children we are perfectly embodied, when we are angry we get angry, and we are fully angry. But we do not harbor any after effects of our anger. When we are happy we are fully happy in body and in mind. This is why when we are children we can turn from complete sadness, i.e. crying, to laughter, because we are just expressing completely the feelings. Also note that crying and laughter are the same physical mechanism, but are a response to different stimuli. They are both therapeutic though. anyways i digress. When we are this full bodied child, we eventually reach a point of conflict with our environment, where we ar expected to meet the demands of our parents and society and 'grow up'. This creates conflict between our wanting to express our body, but being unable to. This is commonly where the split between body and mind begins. It can even occur with repeated feeding times for the baby when it is not hungry, and not feeding the baby when it is hungry. This is a conflict between the babys schedule and the mothers schedule.
Another way this split can be increased is with certain idealisms which attribute the expressing of the body to sinfulness. I think you know what I mean.
As well, because as we get older, the mind has this tendency to want to stay the same, but the body is in a state of constant change. For example, the body continually expresses change through aging, regular cycles of hormones etc. But the mind, choosing to adapt to societies expectations wants to remain stable and secure, as to not be deemed 'insane.' This is another point of conflict. you see this in people who constantly wear and reapply make-up in order to conform their body to their 'mind's image.'

Which brings me to my next point, or the next possible point of departure from the body. We get this idea when thinking that the mind could exist forever, and yet we all know what happens to the body when we die. We don't like to think of a time when our bodies die, and our minds are stuck inside. So the idea of Death, and also of disease, because of it's association with death, is another truth which sometimes make us not want to accept the body.
The last thing, and I think this is a product of the others, is that society in general almost promotes the full-headedness we all get into sometimes. This is when it doesnt feel right to just sit down and do anything, because we have so many things which we 'ought' to be doing, or else we would be bringing shame to ourselves.

because of these factors which may cause us to take our body for granted, we often treat the body as the OTHER.

This is a problem, because when we get into problems with headaches, habits, disease or any other phenomenon which calls our attention back to the body, we treat this event as if it was something out of our control. As if the OTHER was doing this to us. As in the case of nervousness which I described in my blog, the nervousness we feel during speeches or presentations occurs because our body reacts to feelings of nervousness that we have, feeling of the unknown, and our mind recoils from this feeling which dares disrupts its static and preferred state. If the mind were aware that the feelings were really caused by its dismissal of the body, and because of its fear of the unknown, then it would stop blaming the body, and take full responsibility for its own phenomena.

instead though, I think we like to adopt a relationship with our body which is contracted on control. We go to the bathroom when is most convenient for us, we eat what we want for as long as we want, we take whatever drugs make our minds feel good, etc.

i apologise for using language like 'we' and 'us' because I cannot rightly assume that this is something that is common. This is just the way that I interpret my reality. However if you can relate to this, then I can suggest some ways in which we can solve this problem, and get more in touch with our bodies.

First and foremost, we must listen to our bodies, and our minds equally. think democratically if we can. The heart, the stomach, the kidney, the intestines, sexual organs, brain; all these major organs have something to say to us, we just have to listen.

To increase our sensitivities to what our body has to say, it is necessary to practice meditative behaviour. When most poeple think meditation they think, of the person sitting upright for hours, but it need not be so. It must simply be an opening of the mind. Not concentration, because it is limiting, but awareness, or choiceless awareness as the zen dudes say.
This means finding something relaxing to do and not paying attention to the mind, as if it were a child tugging at our legs, sooner or later it will go away.

yoga is another good thing, you may have realized this allready.

Just be more sensual. it can all be really orgasmic. Sex gets better too.

Anyways, i am going to stop we can talk about this more. But i will finish up by saying that, getting in touch with the body, is alot like just watching the leaves turn color.

p.s. happy birthday



M said...

Wow! Great comment! And let me just say that you are officially the winner of the longest blog comment I have ever seen! That's a very impressive peice of thought btw. Thanks! Love how you tied it in with my cheesy Fall pic ;)

April said...

I love fall too. The trees turning are so beautiful and I always have this urgent feeling that I'm too busy to take it all in. I want to go on a hike or something.