Friday, October 27, 2006

T's and C's are BS

So I'm at work, procrastinating because the task before me is about as appealing as eating shit for breakfast. I have to write a Terms and Conditions document. You know, those microprinted Legal-looking documents that no one ever reads and just clicks "I Accept." Yeah, that's my job. For someone who considers themselves a moderatley creative human being, this is a good way to suck the soul out of you.

However, I have to keep my rage muted; carry on complacently pretending I don't want to rip my eyeballs out and chuck my keyboard out the window.

I keep having these cruel fantasies about adding something offensive to the copy to see if anyone catches it... something like:

2. ELIGIBILITY: You are eligible to participate in the Promotion if you are: (a) a legal resident of the Qualifying Countries and have reached the age of majority in the province, state or district in which you reside; (b) you are a closet child molester for a full launch carrier with a slight tendency to remove your clothing in public; (c) you are employed as a Support Representative during the Promotion Period....

Maybe I would have more motivation for this on a Monday. Maybe my other tasks will be more appealing... or maybe I will just get a whole new job altogether. I've restarted my rigorous job search looking for something that allows to me to make use of that mult-thousand dollar degree I recently obtained. Honestly, somedays all I can think is that "I am SO much better than this!"

They've recently moved me to a new cube. Yes, a luxary 3-wall semi-enclosed space with my very own file cabinet and built-in white board. Sadly, this actually made me a little bit excited to come to work. If this is as good as it gets, I need to get out. Fast.

Tonight, I will be drinking copious amounts of booze to help me forget about all this. I will look forward to those job offers in the near future for something that actually resembles a career rather than the monotonous monkey work that is my job.


Ian said...

Hey miranda, you are better than that. in fact we all are. you don't have to sign the terms of agreement in order to be my friend, there are no terms. I'm sick of terms. Terms kill creativity. Only when there are no terms do you have creativity. Throw two outrageous ingredients into one big environment soup with no terms and you get one hell of a creative meal.
So I support your decision to leave. It's time to find something challenging, self-exposing, and chow down

M said...

It's really not as bas as I make it sound here... I was just exceptionally bitter when I wrote this. There are some actual projects I'm working on that are decent and I do really like the people I work with :)

Mishy Pinchy said...

Wait until you move to the big City (that is, if you decide to work in Toronto)... get a car and you will REALLY learn what it means to be bitter.

April said...

I say the grass is always greener. Right now I wish I was off to some great start with a career (as much as I love the Cord, I mostly deal with shit and get no appreciation). But the reality is there are no journalism jobs for ppl like me so I have to spend more years in school. Wooopie!