Thursday, June 07, 2007

Can You Smell What the Mac is Cookin'?

I received the following email from a former RIM coworker after he asked if I had seen the new BlackBerry. I said no adding that all the people here have these old school ones and walk around thinking they're so tech savvy. It's ridiculous. I responded that I felt like taking their vintage BlackBerry's and shooting them around the office like hockey pucks to which he responded with the following dialogue:

Miranda: "Ooooo, a 7250... aren't you the clever clogs!"

"Get a grip, man! The 7250 is, like, 4 years old! Maybe 5! If you can't keep up, get out! And if you want your piece of crap device back, check the dumpster after work. 'Course, I'm nuking it while I rant, so you might wanna just let it go. 'Specially after I get finished playing ringette down the West Mall with the thing. And stop crying! God, you're pathetic!"

Miranda, upon noticing that everyone's staring with eyes as big as dinner plates and their chins on the floor: "And what are you all looking at? Get back to work! And clean up that coffee spill, Gus, you look like a slob."

Hilarious. (Thanks Ian)

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