Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Delusions of Grandeur

The CEO's of large companies are often these elusive figures you never get a chance to meet. You see them in the news, hear their voices on webcasts or read emails they may have written but a face-to-face meeting is not something an entry level employee like myself ever gets to do.

So imagine my delight when I found myself sharing an elevator with the CEO of my company the other day. I had just returned from purchasing some sushi for lunch and as I travelled up to the fourth floor of my building, the door of the elevator opened up on the second floor to reveal the big man himself. I recognized him instantly. I see his face in the media almost daily. He was taller than I imagined and looked friendly and approachable. As he stepped into the elevator, I felt comfortable saying hello and introducing myself. He asked where I worked and how long I'd been with the company and as we shook hands, I had a glimpse of my future as some ultra important C-level business woman shaking hands with men and women of his status on a daily basis. As I got off the elevator, I felt pleased about the meeting. When I got back to my desk, I bragged about my random encounter like a kid who'd just met Santa Claus. :) I'm sure it's not a sign of great things to come but being able to have the undivided attention of your company's CEO, even for a mere 15 seconds, definitley can't be a bad thing.


I'd also like to wish my blog a belated happy 1st birthday. My blog celebrated it's one year anniverary on June 14. I'm pleased to have stayed (semi) committed to maintaining this thing for a whole year.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Was it more exciting than getting your picture taken with Mike L while drunk at the RIM Christmas party?

M said...

YES! It was actually. Because there's actually a chance (albeit slim) that he may remember me! Mike L probably just thought I was some dumb co-op... oh wait, I was ;) haha

April said...

That's really cool Miranda! Good for you for inroducing yourself!