Monday, July 14, 2008

Buyer Beware

So for the first time since I was a kid, I sold items at a yardsale on the weekend. Graham's parents had a lot of furniture, electronics and a million odds and ends to sell so I joined in the fun to offload some of those random items taking up space in my tiny storage closet.

To my amazement, I didn't have that much to sell! I must have done a great job purging all my junk in my two moves in 2007.

Nevertheless, I did find some things to sell: an old desk chair, some computer speakers, a DVD system, and mountains and mountains of clothes.

Interestingly, the clothes sold extremely well. I wasn't even going to bring them, saying just a day before the sale: "No one buys clothes at a yardsale!" But apparently, at a $1 a peice, no one could resist that bargain. Graham's dad informed me that people look for yardsales in the Lawrence Park area assuming that quality is dictacted by location. However, I assure you, not a damn thing I was selling in that heap was quality!

Seeing the onslaught of bizarre bargain seekers buying up our stuff made me giggle with happiness. Nothing like the feeling of free money I thought! But Claire couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with some intense feeling of guilt. She seemed to think the whole process was sad somehow - like these people lack enough money to buy real things at stores or something. I had to disagree. I don't think people go to yardsales because they can't afford something better. It's the old cliche: one person's trash is another person's treasure.

I also couldn't help but laugh at the barrage of folks buying up all the electronics before 9 am. "Does this work?" a guy asked me about my old DVD system with 6 speaker surround sound. "Yes," I said. Now if he had of asked me, "Does this work well?" My answer probably would have been, "No, it's a peice of shit." If it worked well would I be selling it for $10 at a yardsale? Do I feel guilty? Not at all. Buyer beware I say.

All in all, I made $80. Better than the $0 I was going to make having brought it all to Value Village which was the initial plan. And rather than guilt, I feel some amount of pleasure knowing my things have gone to people who want them, rather than in the trash, contributing to a landfill which is likely where a lot of it would have ended up.


April said...

The day of Tina's birthday party at the Corral Jake and I went garage saleing. I almost bought Tina an old fashioned alarm clock like Carrie Bradshaw with the big digits that flick up, and I totally regret not getting it!

PS - Don't take your crap to Value Village where they make a profit off your junk! Take it to charity places like the Goodwill!

Anonymous said...

I always bring stuff to Value Village because they donate portions of all their profits to the CDA :)

That clock sounds like it would have been pretty sweet - haha!