Thursday, July 31, 2008

People are Strange

People are strange. A story in the Globe and Mail today would certainly prove it. In fact, with this story, strange is the understatement of the century.

Scariest Story Ever

This is a news story about how a guy on a Greyhound bus to Winnepeg from Edmonton randomly attacked a total stranger sleeping beside him. He stabbed him repeatedly in the neck with a butcher knife and then... get this: sawed off his head! Horrified passengers fled off the bus and formed a defense line so police could come take him away. No one else was injured. Injured, no. But scarred and terrified, definitley. I can't even imagine.

I can really fool myself into thinking the world is a pretty reasonable place for the most part... but it's stories like this that just confirm to me that the world is insane. It also confirms that you should never trust anyone who wears sunglasses at night. Especially Corey Hart.

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