Thursday, July 13, 2006

Life is Goooooooooooood

Normally I'm a pretty bitter and cynical person. I'm usually the one to add that hint of pessimism to a conversation and make gagging noises if anyone talks about anything too warm and fuzzy. I rarely look on the bright side of things and I've lived my life with an "expect the worst, hope for the best" sort of attitude.

But lately, things have changed a little bit. I think I made Shank nauseous with my excessive use of the word "fantastic" in our msn conversation earlier tonight. And today, I found myself humming on my walk into work. HUMMING!

Yes, its official: I'm happy :)


Mishy Pinchy said...

Good for you, darling. You deserve it!

April said...

Aw Miranda I know you've changed so much in the past few months. You're a whole new happy person. I love it.

bdfytoday said...

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