Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A Proud F*cking Canadian

Canada Day passed with the regular drunken shenanigans this year. Despite a rampage of post-its covered in swearing and sexual inuendos with distinctly Canadian references, we didn't do anything that was terribly Canadian this year. But the weather held true to tradition - black skies, hurriance winds and a raging thunderstorm. Oooooh Canada.

An online poll last week asked the question: "Do you think Canadians are patriotic enough?" My initial response was a resounding "YES!" but when I actually started thinking about it, I wondered if that was really true. If wearing a post-it that says "I love Moose Cock" or "Jack Layton is hot" and drinking copious amounts of rye and ginger is Canadian, then I'm the most patriotic girl this country has ever seen.

I really am proud to be Canadian though even if I didn't show it in a very significant way this weekend. Every time I see Peter Mansbridge on The National or I hear the Hockey Night in Canada theme song, I want to stand up and break into a lively a cappella version of "Oh Canada!" Okay, maybe not.

In any event, Canada Day at least makes me feel patriotic. And if nothing else, it gave me an excuse to raise a glass and say "Happy F*cking Canada Day!" over and over and over....


Counter Mag said...

well written

Mishy Pinchy said...

I spent Cday in New York, as per usual. I'm a horrible Canadian, apparently.

I saw your Canada Day pictures via April's blog and I noticed that you know Mike Shank! Crazy...he used to date my roomate and we hung out at his sweet, sweet place in TO one night. He lives with a surgeon who keeps photo albums of patients and their organs and likes to show them to guests (like me). Tell Shank I say hi!

Grzaham said...

You love moose cock? Sweet!!