Monday, July 31, 2006

So much awesomeness

The amount of awesomeness of this summer is well.... awesome :) I just got back from a great time in Grand Bend with Jocelyn. We drank a lot of cheap wine and bar hopped around including a stop on the Virgin Mobile party bus to drink a pile of free RedBull and make long distance calls on their free-to-use phones. We also used our charm and stunning good looks to enter all three bars free of charge and smuggled in our own booze to avoid paying $6 for watered down drinks. Total amount spent: $10. Fabulous.

I can hardly contain my excitement for this Friday! Graham and I are heading to Miami for the long weekend. We've got a great hotel near South Beach and a list of exciting possible agenda items. Sun, sand, great bars, duty free booze... i'm eagerly anticipating a fabulous long weekend :)

Following what should be a debaucherous weekend of serious partying will be something a little more wholesome but certainly not any less anticipated: APRIL'S WEDDING! I can't even beleive it's so soon. She's been counting down the days for months and I can't wait to be a part of this wedding. I couldn't think of two people I'd rather see married :)

And shortly after this, I'm off to Costa Rica on my half pleasure trip, half humanitarian effort for the long anticipated Eco-Adventure Tour. 11-days of sightseeing, hiking in the rainforest, and helping the people that live in the self sustaining community of the Durika Village is bound to be amoung the highlights of my summer.

And I certainly can't forget the newest upcoming event of this summer: Dave Chappelle on Aug. 21 in Toronto. Tickets were purchased this morning :) Incredible.

Oh and perhaps this sounds trivial to add to the list but my new cell phone is also included in the awesomeness. The old Siemans C61 and I had a great time together but I think the beer bath and the sandstorm put it over the edge... It's officially retired. I had the pleasure of welcoming a new Samsung P207 into my possession on Saturday. I think we'll be very happy together.

In a word, this summer is.... awesome. :)

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April said...

Wow, you have quite the list of awesomeness!! I think it's always good to sit back and think about all the great times you have coming to you. Sort of balances out the bad!

To sound cliche (but what isn't cliche when talking about weddings), it does NOT seem real how close it is. It seems absolutely imaginary. Holy, holy shit.