Tuesday, August 08, 2006

If you think you're hot, go to Miami

Miami is fantastic. Great beaches, great places to eat, hot cars, hot people and bars that literally stay open all night. But if there's one place on earth that can make you feel like a poor, lowly nobody, Miami is it.

The amount of money in that city is insane. Millions is like pocket change. The cars are nicer than anything I could ever imagine owning, the houses are too good to even beleive and if you ever think you're an attractive person, Miami is a nice place to go for a wake-up call. I've never felt like such an unattractive nobody in my whole life walking around on Ocean Drive on a Friday night. The people are absolutley stunning and dressed to impress. Tourists stick out like a sore thumb. Any attempt to blend in was entirely futile.

That being said, I certainly had a nice time pretending. Graham and I creeped around in Loews, an absolutley gorgeous hotel on Miami Beach and lurked around in the conference rooms at the Ritz Carleton. His friend Kishore gave us a driving tour of the city and we got to see some multi-million dollar homes belonging to the rich and famous. His absolute nonchalance at his friend's $8-million dollar home is mind boggling. Any of his friends would likely scoff in disgust at the welfare-esque style housing I call my apartment.

We also got to see the ocean-front mansion of the late Gianni Versace which looked rather vampire-like and creepy at night. Our big plan to hang around outside and wait for our invitation to party with some supermodels certainly never came to fruition.

Overall though, an absolutley fantastic place to visit. It's a great place for a reality check for anyone experiencing a temporary bout of arrogance.

I'd go back in a second, even if I could never hope to blend in with the impressive crowds that live there.

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Mishy Pinchy said...

When Pat and I went last winter we took a boat cruise out of that big complex in Biscayne Bay that goes down the river where all the famous people like JLO, Diddy and Gloria Estafan have their homes.

This one guy had his palm trees imported from Africa. Each tree costs $500,000.

Florida is so about money it's insane. Why do these people invest so much in things that stand to get mangled by hurricanes every single year??