Monday, June 26, 2006

I should really be more sensitive

Just wanted to post a public apology for my insenstive post "My name is not Randy." I have since edited it and removed reference to anyone's names "I consider funny." I really meant no offense to anyone. Fahd, I'm keeping your name up there as the winner though. Prize is TBD ;)

Apparently a lot more people than I thought Google search their own name. And I thought I was being unique. hahaha

Anyways, feel free to post insensitive jokes about Miranda or any variation of MacDonald. Hell, why don't we toss in some blonde jokes too?


fahd said...

Hahah. Oh, everyone has their own guilty pleasures. I've gone GAL surfing at times as well. Then there are those people who have tons of mp3's on their computers that you can access. Music sharing at its best.

M said...
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M said...

I always loved that. Finding out that the ultra macho looking guy you thought you knew actually has an entire folder full of Madonna on his hard drive. haha