Thursday, June 15, 2006

Miranda's Mirandafest

The other day I thought to myself, "Self, you haven't google-searched your name in a while." Usually searches for "Miranda MacDonald" don't yield anything too exciting. In fact, half the time, I just find real stuff about the real me: my name listed on the Dean's Honour Roll, old news stories I wrote, etc. Nothing of interest.

However, this time, I found something fun. I found ANOTHER Miranda MacDonald! She's a radio host from Scotland! And on her website there was a section where you could send her a comment. So naturally, I jumped at this opportunity.

I didn't expect her to reply really. But she did and encouraged me to listen to her radio show online (which, incidentally, plays all Celtic music) and call her radio show and say hi should I ever be in Scotland.

Its weird to think there's another person in this world with the same name as me. I liked to think I was unique. Guess not.

My search also came up with something else interesting: Miranda's Mirandafest page. This rather boring looking site actually contained some really interesting information about Miranda and every variation of the name. I learned about:

The Miranda Rights
Miranda as the Fifth Moon of Uranus (I don't want to hear any jokes about this one!)
The origin of the name Miranda
The town of Miranda in Spain
Nicknames and variations of the name Miranda

Etc, etc, etc.

I encourage everyone to search their own name. If nothing else, it was a good way to kill some time at work.

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Carly said...

We found another Adrian Ma, and he's a house DJ. I told my Adrian that they should collaborate on a song, and it could be attributed to "Adrian Ma featuring Adrian Ma." I have a dumbass sense of humour.