Sunday, June 25, 2006

The night's I'll never remember

It's good we take friends out with us when we drink. Otherwise, there would be a whole pile of stories and circumstances we'd never remember. There's nothing quite like the post-party discussions of what exactly did occur the night previous and peicing together everyone's blurry, fragmented memories.

Take Pub Golf night for instance: wtf actually happened that night? We may never know. Cathy, how you ended up with my entire purse of belongings with my keys around your neck, will remain a mystery. I'm still recovering from a variety of drinking related injuries to this day.

There's a large gap in my memories of last night even. However, I'm sure some stories will be surfacing soon...along with the worst picture of me of all time. (Coming soon to a website near you)

In the end though, even if half of these great times are lost somewhere in the drunken oblivion of my subconcious, there's one thing I do always remember: That was a grrrrrrrrreat night.

Thanks for a great party last night guys :)

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