Thursday, June 15, 2006

My Name is Not Randy

I've always wanted a nickname. I keep hoping that one of my friends will create one that sticks. Cathy sometimes calls me Mir, but she's the only one. Tina and I had some creative nicknames for each other when we were kids but we're likely to threaten violence should either of us bring up these names in public.

Lately, Graham and the rest of the guys from 21 Ezra have taken to calling me Randy. I made the unfortunate mistake one day of telling them that the actual abbreviation of Miranda is Randy. Of course, they all found this quite amusing and i've been unable to convince them to stop calling me that. However, it's kind of grown on me.

I also recently started calling myself Miranda Wackdonald. This is something I made up while intoxicated no doubt. I thought I was really clever. It only took me 22 years to discover that Mac and Wack rhyme.

I like to play this game at bars sometimes. It's a name game. When I have no desire to meet anyone, I just make up a different name every time someone asks me. Once, I actually told someone my name was Randy-Rae and they beleived me. I've even tried such names as Winter, Lauralee, Polina, Ariel and Mary-Jane. Most people never believe my name is Mary-Jane... probably because I can't say it with a straight face.

Really though, Miranda is a nice name. I've never hated it.


Grzaham said...

First of all, your name IS Randy. Not because I say so, but because YOU said so.

Sorry to use caps-lock, it's very confrontational.

Have a nice day,
Graham Robert Markham

April said...

I like how two of your fake names you use in bars are actual names of my cousins who are sisters, Laura-Lee and Mary-Jane.

Rock on!

fahd said...

Woah, thanks :)

I graciously accept your award. Honestly, it hasn't been THAT bad, although I was made fun of my last name when I was in elementary/middle school to the point where I hated my last name. But now its just a fun way to introduce myself.

Yes, I am THE Fahd Butt from the RIM GAL. I coop-ed last term with Usability and coming back in Fall with Handheld Prod Management. Unfortunately, I don't have a business card to give you since they don't give them to us lowly co-ops :(

I was..ahem..googling myself and happened upon your blog.

M said...

Wow, Fahd! I'm so honoured you posted a comment in my blog! I certainly meant no offense! Thanks for having a sense of humour about this!

Jaffar said...

Dear Miranda,

I was just googling myself and look what comes up. Apparently my name fits your criteria of 'stupid names?' That's really funny.

Well guess what? My name happens to mean 'distributor of peace and justice' in my native country. If I ever told the people of Tajikistan of how you mocked my holy name, we'd have a full-out jihad on our hands.

And what about your name? Miranda MacDonald? We have this nursery rhyme in Tajikistan called Old MacDonald. It's about a man who has a farm, and all the noises his farm animals make. Now how is your name better than mine? And 'Miranda'? Isn't that a type of soft drink or something?

I suggest you re-evaluate before EVER messing with the Great Jaffar Ali Jaffar. In the words of my native countrymen, 'burj al-jaffar mars lunder jing bak! (the blade of jaffar will slay the infidels without mercy).


M said...

Actually Jaffer, I used to have Old MacDonald sang to me all the time as a kid... and I hated it. So make fun to your hearts content - i totally deserve it.

Sorry for offending people. I should really be more sensitive.

M said...

And yes, actually Miranda is a kind of soft drink. I saw it in Mexico once. Miranda is also an instant messaging program. I suggest you all download it ;)