Monday, June 26, 2006

Laugh More Now

I was randomly reading some of my old poetry I wrote and in amongst a lot of angsty, depressing stuff about losing faith in human beings and feeling hopelessly depressed and dejected, I found this little statistic:

"The average child laughs 400 times a day.
The average adult? 15."

400 times a day? Wow. If only I laughed 400 times a day. I'd even estimate that 15 is on the high end... unless we count the "pee-your-pants" hilariousness of Saturday night.

Finding this made me feel old. I've been feeling old a lot lately. It seems like fun is going to come to a grinding halt any moment now as I enter into what's supposed to be "adulthood" and "responisbility." Ugh. I hate those words. Being a child and laughing 400 times a day certainly sounds more enjoyable.

This also reminds me of a quote I heard once that said something like, "You don't stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing."

Screw full time jobs and responsibility. I'm just going play and laugh... maybe i'll shoot for 410 times a day.


Counter Mag said...

Hey miranda its Ian.
I feel as if this post is a very important key to your journey. You have always said that you "will age like a fine wine." I wonder if this betrays something about you. You were named after a character from a shakesperian play. "The tempest" I beleive. In that play the lead character, as a representation of shakespeare, realizes that all the world is a stage. This is something that I think about alot, and it does make me laugh. I think I have regained about 100 a day, and I am still going. The "Cosmic Joke" as I like to call it; that something infinite would play as finite for a lifetime, and then play also as a bunch of other finite things and get caught up in a bunch of drama. In the drama of life, we play games to get our way, we wheel and deal to get some temporary thing which is unimportant compared to our infinite selves. This I call magic. This use of 'magic' is what kills our laughter I think. Somehow its all wrapped up in identity, Although I am not sure right now how, But hopefully I will get it soon. Anyways, maybe A key to this ageing thing, is to be like prospero, to realize that all the worlds a stage, and give up our magic.

anyways, i am still drunk from last night, so I am sorry if this makes no sense. mayeb I will call you soon

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