Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Never Underestimate the Stupidity of the General Public

...and by general public, I mean me. After much angst and serious soul searching yesterday, I posted a public apology for thoughtlessly making fun of a variety of foreign names I considered funny. This apology was provoked by a rather hateful comment posted by a certain Jaffar Ali Jaffar. Turns out, it was actually Graham.

Now if you read this comment, you might wonder how the hell I became so gullible. You might call me a sucker and wonder how I naively beleived this to be from the real Jaffar and not be skeptical, for at least a few seconds, and consider that this post might be from someone I know playing a mean trick. Well, I have no rationale for my stupidity.

It really caused me serious anxiety. I actually spent a significant portion of last night feeling like a cold, insensitive bitch. Anyways, I have a sense of humour about it all and definitley laughed when I found out that Jaffar was not actually going to seek me out slay me with his blade of mercy. Jesus. How did I actually think that was from the real guy?

And once again, I perpetuate that dumb blonde stereotype quite nicely.

Graham, you're a jerk. :)


Counter Mag said...

i wouldnt feel so bad, you apologized for something that needed it. Plus anyone could be taken for a ride like that.

M said...

You're right. I'm a mature, sensible person. ;)

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